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Childcare centers in New Haven

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Hi Ladies!


My husband and I are going to be moving from RI to New Haven early next year and we are currently looking for quality childcare in New Haven.  We are hoping to find a center with small class sizes and a good student/teacher ratio.  Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated.




ETA: I completely forgot that we are looking for childcare for my soon-to-be two year old son.

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Bumping this up for attention. Anyone have a recommendation to share?

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Hello, I am an Early Intervention Special Ed teacher in the New Haven area, and I get to spend time in many daycares all over the county.  Unfortunately, I tend to be less than impressed with most.  There are definitely high quality centers, though.  I would recommend Alphabet Academy in Hamden (5 minutes from New Haven) I was planning to send my own 2 year old there before we decided to wait one more year before sending her to preschool.  It is a bit pricey, but the school is really wonderful.  They have a website and facebook page with lots of information.  Good luck with your search!


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Thanks for the information.  We toured the Alphabet Academy recently and loved it.  I'm waiting to here back to see if they will take our deposit.  


For kid-related New Haven information I also found KidHaven.com useful, although it didn't have as many recommendations as I would have hoped for.

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Yes, I forgot to mention kidhaven.com, there is definitely a heavier focus on preschool reviews and recommendations on that site.  It is a great resource for seeing what is going on in the community, though.  Glad you enjoyed your tour!

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