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Best Cloth Diapers

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What are some of your favorite cloth diapers? We've been using Econobum, but maybe wanted to try something different. 



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I still love our FuzziBunz and our Kissaluvs.  

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We've always used prefolds (we have the sized ones from green mountain diapers) with snappis and covers--we love this system and don't anticipate changing.  For covers we like the Thirsties sized covers (not the duo ones, they're cut differently) and also some from Sweet Pea Diapers.

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I'm a pocket girl (probably because I only started at 12 months with a very active baby). I love rumparooz. They absorb a ton and hold up well on my 18 month old who drinks like a fish. I find fuzzibunz hard to stuff and the OS is getting too small for 26-27 lb DD. they work well though and are really trim. I also have a dozen flats on hand that I pad fold into a bummed super lite cover at home.
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I have to second the GMD prefolds and Thirsties covers! I used bummis super whisper wrap covers when DD was a nb, but have stuck to Thirsties ever since. Someday soon we'll have to size up to red edge and size two covers!

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That's "bummis" not "bummed". Autocorrect got me again:eyesroll
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after using bum genius for months and having issues with stench and leaks/elastic running out, we have switched to old school prefolds and a plastic cover. i'd like to find a cotton cover but the plastic worked in a pinch. the prefolds are a million times better than the inserts, for us. 

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Another gmd prefold fan.
Love motherease airflow covers
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