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don't ya hate???

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beaurecratic red tape? Like seriously!? We are refininancing our current house and will be renting it out while we move to a different one. What a nightmare! We were hoping to close on the new house next week but because they are taking their sweet time about everything it won't happen until closer to Oct 1! Grrrr.....


Meanwhile my 3 year old is having "nervous tummy" and getting worried about moving because he doesn't get that it's a good thing. how could he? The last time he moved he was 4 months old! The 16 month old is overall a needy, clingy disaster who is getting into everything (as only his age group can!) and the house is in chaos! There are stacks of boxes everywhere!!! I've left out like 3 cooking supplies and need to just deal until the move....every day I get more pregnant and more tired with all the things I need to do...


Oye! We all need to just move and get into our new routine and get new sitters and blah!!!!!!!


Had to vent......whistling.gifdizzy.gif

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Oh yes *hugs* we are moving too I sympathize. Everyone is a bit calmer so far, we've been working at it gradually, packed most things and changed the house visually quite a bit before listing for sale (new paint and we got carpet), the most stressful part was in the midst of that. Most of our stuff has been in the garage for weeks, we've just been living with less. I am getting the last things packed this week. We are renting a place while we wait to close on our house and buy the new one. My husband left weeks ago, he had to start his job right away at the new place. So the kids and last details and maintaining the house for showings has been up to me 100%. But we got it under contract! Awaiting the buyer's financing mainly, should close early Nov. My oldest (age 6) is the high needs kid, but he kinda finds it a relief to have dad gone since he is scared of DH lately when he gets caught at something. I just ground him from everything related to the offense, DH makes him talk about what he did wrong and look him in the eye while he does so. I hope that fear stuff is not too hard to work past when we're together again. He has been getting worked up when he thinks about leaving his friends, that's the only anxiety I have noticed. Our 3 year old is so laid back if he ever cries it's just about wanting a specific food or something and it's over abruptly in moments.


Living in a little apt with all our stuff crammed in it for 6 weeks will suck. We homeschool and I'm a SAHM so being limited in space will be rough, but smooths some of the transition as we don't need to get childcare and school and such. I finally got in touch with the one midwife there for OOH births, I'm not sure if she'd be willing to attend me at home I may have to go to her place for the birth, giving up the homebirth thing somewhat. I get to meet her in 3 weeks, she's a total unknown to me but she sounded nice over the phone (short conversation). I have no idea who will watch our kids during the birth esp if I have to leave home, I really hope my MiL doesn't have to drive out, love her but she is too tightly wound and worries too much to have present in labor. We still need to find a church out there too, the ok one DH went to a couple times is just too early in the morning and a bit impersonal. DH is checking one out tomorrow that may work well. On the new house part of things we are almost done getting the loan commitment and a week or so away from offering on the house we want.

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Congrats on the offering and being under contract! So exciting! For us we are 1.5 weeks from closing on the new house. We have packed everything we don't use daily and there are boxes stacked in all sorts of places. We are trying to figure out what size truck to get because most of our stuff will fit in our van and matrix car!!! twins.gif That makes me happy!


Our thing is that we need to paint 2 rooms but are waiting till the house is empty as that will make it easier. We also haven't touched the outdoor stuff - perhaps we'll do that today - not sure...I am attacking the grill that is NASTY!!! It wasn't properly cleaned in a while so I need to do that. 


We are renting out our current house and need to get that organized. We are hoping someone will be in for Nov 1st. As a result of the 2 mortgages we've needed to refinance the old place (closing on that early this coming week) and then we will close within a few days of that on the new place. Oye! Talk about a logistical pain. I recently had some, er, pregnant/annoyed words with our mortgage guy because this has been taking longer than expected...he was like, what's 1 week difference? I was LIKE EVERYTHING!!!


Hugs to you as well! If you want to vent just holler nut.gif

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Oh my gosh! I totally feel you!  At least we aren't buying, we are renting on the other end of this move.  I'm hoping that it will be settled where to and when by next week.  We just did 1500 miles in 6 days for interviews.  Holey goodness, that is a lot with a three year old!!

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I am losing my marbles!!!  nut.gif


Currently I feel like this: hammer.gif Cuss.gif hopmad.gif banghead.gif



Yesterday there was the added: greensad.gif irked.gif angry.gif gloomy.gif mecry.gif



My sympathies are with all of us who are moving/transitioning whether is be buying/selling (all of the above) or renting! It is so stressful! I feel like I'm dealing with morons a lot of the time. c'est la vie! om.gif this too shall pass....right???

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Thank goodness!  I think I am a buddhist simply because I HAVE to believe that everything changes!

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