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Blogging for kids

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Does anyone's children have a blog? I'm thinking a blog would be a great way for my 6 year old to keep in touch with relatives as we live far away and would also be a great learning tool for him. I'm unsure about how safe it is though. I'm also not much of a techy. Anyone have any advice?

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My kids have blogged for years. My youngest started at age 4. One of her first posts was a photo of her smiling, with a bowl of ice cream. She wrote "IAS CREEM TIAM. ITS YAY" Too precious. And an amazing way to chart her course to literacy, as well as to share with relatives and such.


We've used both Blogger and Wordpress. They're both really easy to set up, and both have solid, relatively simple privacy settings. Tech-phobic people on the receiving end of invitations seem to have found Blogger simpler to navigate in terms of getting logged in successfully. Blogger is more customizable if you want to get into fussing with details in templates and interfaces seamlessly with many other Google services. Wordpress has nicer straight-out-of-the-box designs, IMO.



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Thanks for the advice Miranda smile.gif

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