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Cures for Nausea and Best Supplements?

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I'm new to the forum, but looking over past posts, there seem to be lots of people with useful information on here.

I would like to do things as naturally and organically as possible, but I'm trying to figure out how to balance that with the supplements and such I need.

First off, I'm about 6 weeks with my first pregnancy, and I've already had one ER visit due to hyperemesis. They gave me Zophran and Phenergan to take home. I take the Zophran two to three times a day most days to keep anything down (at this point, pretty much bananas, bread, milk, and 7-up). I try and avoid the Phenergan, but to even keep down rice and chicken, I have to take it.

Does anyone have any safer, more natural suggestions? I would really like to be able to eat something and not take Phenergan.


Second, in my quest for pre-natal vitamins and supplements, I have decided on Garden of Life Prenatals, but from what I've read, I'll also need a calcium supplement. Best/safest calcium supplement?

The Zophran also tends to cause constipation, and since I can't eat foods high in fiber, I figured a fiber supplement would be helpful. Suggestions for a safe fiber supplement, in pill form?


I suppose these would be good questions for an OB, but I don't know if I'll have any luck finding one that's more natural, esp. with my insurance, and it'll be about two weeks before I have my first visit, and I don't want to wait that long.

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Hello and welcome to MDC! I also used Garden of Life prenatals - they seemed like some of the best of the...at least somewhat affordable prenatals. For constipation I did take a form of calcium/magnesium - I think it may have even been called "Calm"? The HFS (health food store) should be able to direct you. 


Sorry, no help on the morning sickness. As I recall it does sort of magically disappear for many women around the 3 month mark. 


I'm sure you'll get lots of help here. You can also try searching the forum for other threads - sometimes there are nice, long threads that have a bunch of information. 


I hope you get a nice meal down soon! Congrats on your pregnancy. 

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