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Nursing in ring vs pouch sling

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Our first is going to be 15 m old when #2 is born, so I'd really love to be able to nurse him in some sort of carrier.  I never got the hang of nursing DD in a carrier, it was always awkward, uncomfortable, and when she was a newborn it felt like she wasn't getting enough support and was about to pull my boob off.  And then I spent so much time arranging and rearranging everything that it was just easier to sit down and nurse her.  With DD I tried a homemade wrap and hated it.  I didn't make my ring sling until she was about 5 m and was able to nurse her somewhat but it was still awkward, same with the Ergo which I started with when she was 8 m.


I came across this pattern for a sling, I think it is a pouch type like a Peanut Shell.  Would there be a big difference between this sling and a ring sling?  I don't want to bother with making it if the ring sling will do just as well.  Thanks!



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I had a non-stretchy pouch that I never used -- I couldn't get the fit snug enough. So, I, personally, would say that you shouldn't bother with that style pouch. I did really like the fleece pouch I had. It had just the right amount of stretch but they're kind of hot and I don't think you could even find one anymore. Maybe use that pattern, make it a bit smaller, and use a heavy weight fleece? 


As far as the ring sling goes, give it another try with this baby. The best tip I ever got with any carrier is to go out on walk as soon as you put it on. You and your baby have to be comfortable with the carrier before you can move on to nursing in it, I think. So, maybe bring the carrier out on a walk when your DC is about a month old and just go - adjust after a while and get used to things. Do that for a few days and then move on to nursing. Maybe even nurse as you walk.  My DC loved nursing in the sling but more on the go than sitting. If we were sitting she would often rather be out of the sling. 


I didn't like nursing in the Ergo or the wrap. 


Good luck! 

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I never used a pouch (thought they look cute!), but I nursed my son in a ring sling all the time.  I had an unpadded maya wrap, and found it very versatile.


With a ring sling, you can adjust it accordingly as the baby grows.  How you position a newborn can be quite different from how you place a several month old baby in the sling to nurse, since their size changes.  But a pouch isn't adjustable.  It can't "grow" with you.  I also liked using the "tail" of the sling as a nursing cover.  Nursing in a sling is a learned skill though.  It definately takes some time and practice to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it starts feeling like second nature.

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In my experience the only thing a pouch is good for is quickly popping a baby in and out when running errands.  I couldn't nurse in the one I tried (a non-stretchy homemade one that a friend let me borrow).  My recommendation is to start looking at different ways to tie a stretchy wrap for carrying and nursing and looking at different ways to nurse and carry in a ring sling.  Then start trying things out to see what works.  The Moby is the only carrier that I can nurse hands free in, but I often use the ring sling to nurse on the go because it is quicker.  I really think that if I can nurse in the ring sling than anyone can...I have ginormous boobs and struggle with congenital hip dysplasia so I limp.  I manage to get my little girl latched, cover her with the tail of the sling, and limp my way through my errands.  It took practice but we do it all the time and so can you!  Good luck!   

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