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Car Seat Recycling?

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Anyone know how/where to recycle a car seat in MD? Our car was totalled back in March, so we've got to discard the seat. Thanks!

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from what I have read, you can recycle the styrofoam (take it out/apart) and recycle the plastic with the hard plastic bins they have at the dump, depending on what your county recycles. I guess you could put the fabric in the textile bin, too? My county recycles the styrofoam and plastic part.


Also check with your local department of health. They run the KISS program and they have collections or would know where to take the car seat. I would just email and ask if you don't want to bother with taking the car seat apart


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2 times a year babies r us has a trade in program for any carseats, crib, highchair and for each one you bring in they give you 25% off a big item in many categories. (usally also carseats, cribs, highchairs, swings and such, not sure what else.) 

they do this as a service to get old and expireing things off the market, they take crashed stuff and broken thing without batting an eye.  seems like a great way to trade in that seat!

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Thanks so much for the info. Unfortunately our county doesn't recycle styrofoam, so I'll keep an eye out for the trade-in. I wonder if Babies R Us actually recycles the seats once they've got 'em...

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there is not a whole lot of Styrofoam to the seat, some more than others, mostly it is just plastic and some metal.

im guessing BRU does recycle them n some way since im sure they get a ton of them and on a large scale recycling them is probably cheeper for them that the dumpster.

the other thing to do is contact the maker of the seat, they may have a program, some do.

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