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Ok...way TMI, I know, but I need to ask...

Am I the only one?!!??


Twice this week I've had hum, a leak?  Luckily, it was at home, as I'm pulling down my pants to pee.  The weird thing is, neither time I was really rushed or was feeling an urgent need to go.  It's just like my bladder just couldn't be bothered to wait till I was ready, sitting on the toilet, to realease.



I was pretty good with Kegels during and after my last pregnancy, but I admit I've been slacking off in the last several months (maybe even year)...is that my punishment?!!

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Ive had it this pregnancy! Most of the time I can catch it, but I sneezed once.... right by the toilet too! It seems to me like when the urge hits its RIGHT NOW. My bladder knows exactly how long it takes to walk in the bathroom and pull down my pants, I get not one second more. Same with #2, sigh.
I'm so scared to go out! Lol
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Kegels aren't actually all that good for your pelvic floor, especially if you do them the way most people do.  I was all kegelicious until I read this piece and its follow-up and abandoned my kegeling efforts.  Now I practice cutting off my pee while squatting in the shower, plus naturally squatting more and building up my booty.  That's done the trick, pretty much.  I can now sneeze while sitting cross-legged without leaking, as long as I have a teeny bit of warning so I can concentrate! 

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I feel your pain ladies.  I won't need to urinate and then BAM!  I needed to go ten minutes ago, lol.  Luckily I've had good luck being public with no crazy mishaps.

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spughy- Thanks for those links.  Makes sense and so very helpful!

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Thanks Spughy, I love those KatySays articles and she has good accompanying pictures of the different squats on her website. I've only been consciously squatting for a few weeks when a sneeze here and a dash there made me realise kegels weren't cutting it. Intuitively it feels right to balance your growing belly with larger glutes......All together now, I like big butts and I can not lie smile.gif
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Originally Posted by SlimP View Post
All together now, I like big butts and I can not lie smile.gif


Truer words were never spoken. ROTFLMAO.gif

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