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Baby is here and it's a BOY!!

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Canaan Oak was born yesterday September 19 at 9:05pm.  He weighed in a 8Ib15oz and 21.5inches long with a TON of black hair.  My midwife had come out on Monday to check me and baby out and at that point I was measuring 3cm and I did opt to let her do a membrane sweep.  So I knew I was getting very close.  Well, I had contractions starting late Tuesday night that were 10 minutes apart but thought that once again they would just go away once I went to bed.  Well they kind of did, only to pick up again after I woke up yesterday morning.  Well, they stayed at 6 minutes apart all.day.long.  They weren't anything bad, just more annoying than anything else.  I called DH home around noon just because I started to thing that it may finally be the real deal.  Well, once we got the kids to my Mom and I was able to catch a nap things finally started to pick up and I was bale to get down to business.  True active labor started around 6:30pm.  Shortly after my midwife's assistant (and my dear friend) arrived I decided to get into the shower.  When I was having my first child we discovered that for what ever reason a hot shower is my silver bullet to deal with labor pains.  I had made sure to turn up the hot water heater a couple weeks ago for this very reason.  I spent almost all of my labor in the shower in the dark.  I was starting to get a little worried when I was starting to run out of hot water because I couldn't imagine dealing with that level of intensity without the hot water, but low and behold I started to get pushy!  The midwife and DH got me out of the shower and into our room.  The midwife checked me and I was 9 3/4 cm!  Awsome.  After another contraction my water broke and all I could do was push.  He was out in less that 10 minutes and DH got to catch him!  We were all so shocked that it was a boy as we ALL thought it was going to be another girl!!!  Less than 3 hours of active labor...wow....Now we're just resting and enjoying this time.  His big brother and sister are totally smitten.  He's a good little nurser and such a laid back little man.  So glad he's FINALLY here!! 


So for whatever reason I can't get pictures to directly upload.  Sooo, here is the link to our farm's blog where I have his picture from shortly after he was born.:)


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Hooray!!! Congratulations on your little BOY!! So excited for you since we're EDD buddies wink1.gif Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Congrats, it sounds like a wonderful birth :) Can't wait to see pictures of your laid back little man!

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Congratulations! What a great birth story!joy.gif

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wonderful! congrats!
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Congratulations. He's beautiful.
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YAY!!  Congratulations, what a great birth story

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Congrats!!! What a great birth story! Welcome Canaan Oak, cool name!!! Hope you are recovering well, Mama!

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Squee, another squishy boy!

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Congratulations!!  beautiful name :)  

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Awww! Such a wonderful birth story! And wow- that is a thick head of hair!!!
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Love love love the name! Congratulations mama and welcome darling Canaan. :)

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Welcome to the World Baby Boy!!


Congratulations mama and family!!!!lol.gif

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Great birth story! Congrats to mama & welcome to Canaan! (Such a cool name!)
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