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I am scared.. very scared..

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Hello future mamas,


I really need some help and support, we are newly weds, this is our first pregnancy and i am far away from my parents.


I am, supposedly, 10 weeks pregnant. i had my first vaginal u/s 2 weeks ago, but the midwife didn't see a baby, she just saw the gastational sac but not the yolk sac, she pulled out the u/s and told me my baby is dead.


The thing is that i am not sure when did i conceive, since i got pregnant directly after stopping the pill.


i cry hard everyday since then, but my husband keeps telling me the baby might be less than 8 weeks.

i still feel some of the symptoms, they are on and off, but i didnt bleed and my tummy is getting bigger!


has anyone been there before?

please help

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I am so SO sorry you are having to go through this.  Is the 10 weeks based on your last menstrual period?  Based on your post I am assuming your last period was on your last round of the pill, right?  Or did you have one after stopping?  You DO have the pill to work to your advantage in this situation, and for some women, cycles can be all over the place right after stopping, so you may very well not be as far along as your LMP puts you!  There's no telling when you really ovulated unless you were tracking your temps!


Praying everything is okay and it's just a matter of incorrect dating!  Please keep us updated!

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Hi I am not actually expecting in April, my son was born this past Thnaksgiving, but I had to share my story with you! I went into have an us, also vaginal at what I thought was 8 weeks preggo and the same thing was seen, the yolk sac, but nothing in it. It was my first pregnancy so I was lying their confused, the tech left the room and 5 minutes later 3 doctors came in to tell me that the baby had either died or I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Talk about being horrified. I was rushed to the ER to see about the ectopic pregnancy.


The good news was that one level headed Dr reviewed my information and thought their may be a good chance of incorrect dating. We watched my HcG levels, that is what I would recommend by the way. Get a blood draw, if you ARE pregnant these numbers will double about every 48 hrs. Sure enough mine did, and I had a very healthy viable pregnancy. I am the proud Mama to a 10 month old son! Best of luck and know you are in my thoughts and not alone :)

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thank you both so much, it hurts less when you know someone has been there before and made it safe. hugs :)


i didn't have any cycles after stopping the pill, i directly got pregnant, that's why my husband and i like to believe that i ovulated and conceived later in my cycle.

Fingers crossed <3

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You def could have ovulated later......if you got pregnant directly after stopping the pill you may or may not have resumed your normal cycle making it very difficult to determine exactly how far along you are. Have you been back to the doctors for another us? Also I would really, really suggest doing the blood draw, it is very clear cut. If your HcG levels continue to increase than you are infact pregnant, if not then most likely the pregnancy did not continue, which as difficult as it is for you and your husband is a good thing in terms of development. Our bodies and those embryos are very smart! Please keep us posted. Sending positive baby vibes your way!

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I am so sorry you are going through this.  hug2.gif  I hope you get some good news soon.  

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