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Ready to go!

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I haven't been around much, but I'm still here!


Tomorrow I'll be 38 weeks, and I'm measuring 43 weeks.  So my midwife told me today I had her permission to try anything to try to get labor going if I wanted to....


When I was pregnant with DS (who's birthday is TOMORROW!) I tried black and blue cohosh, eating pineapple, evening primrose oil vaginally, walking, walking and walking . . . nothing seemed to bring on any contractions.  Though!  I will mention, I wasn't sure if I was really IN LABOR until my midwife checked me and I was 8cm dilated.  So maybe that stuff did help, just really slowly and gently.  


Who knows?! shrug.gif  But I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. 


I probably won't be trying anything before the Monday after next.  I want to go pick apples and make applesauce next weekend!

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I've heard about oregano working... no idea if true. Also have you considered acupuncture (particularly with electrical pulses?) That got my labor going last time.

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I've heard that using a breast pump for a good amount can bring on labor. And of course there is always castor oil - but that sounds miserable!

I'm 38 and 1. I definitely think I feel ready now - but not at the point where I want to try and bring it on. But yeah - by Monday after the next, I might. Especially if I were measuring 5 weeks ahead! I was measuring 37.5 at 37.5 weeks at my last check.
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Chinese food did it for me ;-) Seriously...had chinese food the night before...ate the leftovers throughout the night, and labor started at 7am. lol


Good Luck!

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My midwives offer a drink which is part castor and part verbena -- they get it from Canada, so they say. It's supposed to be gentler than pure castor with more focused contractions and less horrible, long lasting diarrhea. I will put that in my bag of tricks if I need it, that's for sure. I was too freaked out to drink pure castor oil last time.

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I took black cohosh.and epo orally the night I went in to labor with my daughter.. I took it right before I went to sleep at around ten and woke up at 2am with contractions. I had to take it twice during labor as well to keep things going. But I was overdue at that point.. And I had never gone post 38 Weeks with my previous three pregnancies. So I'm not sure if it only worked because I was so over my usual gestation time, but I'm going to try it this time at 39 Weeks and see what happens! I measured 40 Weeks at my 34 week appointment, so I totally know where you are coming from!!
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I definitely want to get some black cohash in case I'm late.  (I'll be 38 weeks on Wednesday.) What's the recommendation for how to take it? In other words, how many ounces should I have on hand and how do you prep it? I've been prepping my red raspberry leaf by steeping 1 ounce of tea for a minimum of 4 hours. I try to drink 3 cups of this a day and will be doing the even more intense dosage when my labor finally starts.

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I'd be very careful with herbs to induce labor. They can increase your risk of hemorrhage...particularly if taken improperly. 


I totally understand the desire to get baby out...particularly if you're overdue...which seriously, I can't even imagine how awful that is! But, inducing labor...even via natural means is still telling that baby to get out before it's cooked! 

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All inductions, "natural" or not, carry risks. I know it's so hard to wait and not know when baby will arrive, but babies know when to be born and messing with that delicate hormonal process can have serious consequences. Your body is perfectly capable of birthing your baby without the "help" of medicinal herbs. Of course, it is always have the right to manage your pregnancy as you choose, but please carefully research the potential risks and benefits of any intervention.

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I did not do the tincture most commonly recommended for labor induction with black cohosh, I took the pills I believe they are 500mg. I took three before bed and took a total of three more in early labor.

I understand the risks associated with inducing labor by any means, for me I was.not in a good place mentally.. My.sons had all been born by 38 Weeks 3 days and my third had a very calcified deteriorating placenta at 38Weeks I was so afraid of something happening to her I was crying constantly. We had just moved back to Arizona after six years away from family and all the family stress was getting to me. I felt like all my anxiety was what was keeping her I'm their and was going to cause her harm. To be perfectly honest with you.. I don't know if it was right or wrong, but I'm happy we did it,.and I would do it again!

I also.wanted to add, I'm not comfortable with blue cohosh and I would do research before deciding to use any kind of herb during pregnancy!
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I'm not convinced that any of thees natural things do anything. . .  


Sooo I'm going to see the midwives at Duke today to get a 2nd opinion on my measurement and see if they have any explanation for why I, am suddenly measuring 5 weeks ahead. I might get an ultrasound, with a grain of salt while I'm there.

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Thanks for the heads up about the herbs. Very good point that if the baby hasn't arrived yet, it's probably not ready. I have this feeling I'm going to be late, and I'm just going to have to practice a lot of patience and letting go. Nothing wrong with that.

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Everything was normal at my appointment today . . . she offered an ultrasound but admitted they're not very accurate this late.  So I declined on that.  Now I just wait . . . . . 

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