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At it again

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We had dinner at my MIL's house and she kept offering me different alcohol, I kept saying I should pass since it was 7-8pm and I had to be up at 5am for work, Coke was good enough for me. Well I guess she took DH into the garage and said "Is Megan really done drinking or is she still pregnant?" then I had to pee before we left and I heard her say "Megan has peed a lot since she's been here,pregnant people pee a lot, ya know..." ...SERIOUSLY?! 

I'm just fed up with that. I don't get what part of "no" she can't leave alone. I can't fathom nagging someone into announcing a pregnancy, or keep bringing it up because what if I really WASN'T pregnant. Really frustrated >:|

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I should also mention she knew of our miscarriage and knew how hard it was on me. She also has suffered miscarriages, so I'd think if anything, it would be out of respect in the least to keep the pregnancy questions at bay. 

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I am dealing with something similiar. I lost my 4th daughter last April. She was stillborn. This pregnancy was not planned and very unexpected. When my DH told my MIL yesterday that I am pregnant her first words were, "well, maybe this one is a boy." We have had all girls. Are you freaking kidding me? She always does this with every pregnancy but this time it is really, really annoying and rude. After what we just went through how can she not just wish for us to have a healthy baby? I do not talk to her and this is one of the many reasons why. Luckily she lives over 5 hours away. Btw, she did not even acknowledge the baby we lost even though I sent her an annoucement with the baby's picture. I don't have any advice for you except your DH probably needs to tell him mom to butt out and quit asking personal questions.


Good luck.

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Gar! So rude. And disrespectful. I'd be pulling my hair out.


I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about some inappropriate comments my MIL has made over the last few months, and she said that when people say things like that, it's like they don't think that they are talking about you. That made loads of sense to me, and helped some.


Hugs to you! Hope you can make it through this bit and you can all just celebrate a baby together!

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