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Want to be DONE, but terrified to have surgery..

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I'm currently expecting baby #5 and both my husband and I are 100% sure that we want this one to be our last. I am scared to have my tubes tied because I've heard stories of it being so painful afterwards, which I expect being that it is major surgery. My problem isn't with me being in pain necessarily, but I am just so afraid that I won't be able to take care of my children the week or so after its done. I am their sole caregiver..my husband can't take time off work and I don't have any family around that could help out.


Our plan after baby #4 was for my husband to have a vasectomy but he never would go do it and I don't see that changing this time.


I don't want to be put on birth control and have a chance of getting pregnant again.


What would you do?? Also, anyone who has had their tubes tied, please share your experience with me!

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I had my tubes tied and it wasn't painful. The most painful part was that my legs were achey from being in stirrups for a while. It was just outpatient surgery with no incisions, it is done vaginally. And I was up and about within a day or so. Have you researched this much? You might actually talk to a doctor about it and get some information from them about specifically what is involved. Good luck!
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I know this isn't exactly what you asked, but can I ask if having your husband have a vasectomy is an option? It is surgery for you and an in office procedure for a man. My had it done and he was uncomfortable for about a day but could take as much pain meds as he needed without worrying about them affecting a nursing baby (as would be the case with a mom). I am a big fan of vasectomies. I tell my husband regularly that it is one of the sexiest things he has ever done! lol Because we are done with our family, it is nice not having to worry about birth control.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do!


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That was the plan after the last baby tribalmax, but hubby chickened out and still says he "can't" do it. I REALLY wish he would though!! 


Yes mamazee, I have done my research and spoke with my doctor about it during my last pregnancy, which is why I didn't do it the last time. She said she has heard both stories on how some people were fine afterwards and how others were in a lot of pain. I'm thinking that I may look more into Essure as a back up in case I decide not to do it.



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Just freaking out a little because even right after having the baby (like day after coming home from the hospital), I will have to still take care of my two littles during the day (they will be about 13-14m and 2 then) and take my older two to school and pick them up every day.

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Will your doctor do a vaginal tubal ligation?  I work in surgery and we only have one surgeon who does them so it may be difficult to find someone in your area to do it.  At least you would only have to deal with discomfort in an area you were already planning on having discomfort in though.


It's too bad your husband won't agree to get a vasectomy. 

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What about charting to avoid pregnancy?
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I will have to find out about that. Thank you!


I was charting! I was being extra careful too, which is why I was so shocked to find out that I was pregnant again. 

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