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Q is two days away from eight months...


She was happily tooling around the house today checking things out.  And when I looked over she had climbed a few steps.  Lordy...so NOT interested in this!


I need a drink!

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My daughter was never as active as Fin is.  I can't take my eyes off of him for a few seconds.  He is into EVERYTHING!  Ahh.. I long for the days where I could put him down somewhere, go pee, and find him in the same spot.

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I miss the days where E stayed in one place long enough for me to go pee, get a glass of a water and a book or laptop to use/read while he hung out with me on the floor. Now, he will nearly kill himself 5 times (choking hazards, eating food on the floor, pulling the cat, etc) in that short period of time! 

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I know! I'm fine with the crawling and the standing, but climbing stairs? No way! At least she needs to stay on the same floor as me.
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Hooo, I hear you AQ.  We have some plastic storage bins in our living room, one of which I use for diapers and one of which I use for W's clothes... and both of which we had been using to block off areas that we didn't want him to crawl/cruise to.  About 2 weeks ago, he figured out how to get on top of them.  A day later he realized he could use this skill to climb on top of other things... like stairs.  We don't have any inside our house, but there are stairs out our front and back doors, and in the park we go to all the time, and everywhere.  All concrete and just perfect for bonking little baby heads on.  Sigh.


What's worse than stairs for us right now, though, is that he likes to crawl UNDER everything.  Chairs, the couch, whatever.  He finds the smallest possible place he can physically fit into, crawls in, gets stuck.  Over and over and over again all day.


Give me plain old walking ANY day of the week.

Mothering › Groups › January 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Ahhhhh!!!