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Came Home Discouraged

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Hi ladies- I'm about 345 pounds and just found out I am pregnant with my second.  The first was a c/s, although I was about 60 pounds lighter for that pregnancy.  Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday, my first time with this physician, and I felt like all he saw was my weight.  My BP was 144/90, which is high, I know.  He prescribed BP meds.  He ordered an A1C test and a 24 protein urine test, even though I don't have diabetes and didn't have GD with my last pregnancy.  He said we should plan on a c section, and I told him I really wanted to attempt a VBAC, he said because of my weight, my BP, and my "small pelvis" he would recommend a c/s.


I'm just feeling so discouraged.  We hadn't planned on getting pregnant until I lost some more weight, but here I am and I'm trying to be excited, but I just feel like I'm only going to be seen as the fat patient.  There are lots of other doctors in my area, but none of them are too VBAC friendly, and I really don't know where to go to find one that's fat friendly.


I like in North Texas- if anyone has one in the Grapevine/Fort Worth/Denton area.


Anyway, I'm just feeling discouraged and upset.  

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Hi MrsTulip, I am sorry you had a stressful experience. It's just so hard. I weigh over 300 as well, and I had a rocky time with my medical care (although not as rocky as some). I had no risk factors and kept being pestered about slightly high blood pressure when I have no history of it, and even the doctor who delivered me (just a random doc on call, my doc didn't show up :( ) kept talking about "my diabetes" when I don't have diabetes and passed the 3 hour test! WTF.

I did switch doctors and while I am not sure because I ended up not seeing or speaking to my doctor after delivery (I really thought she'd call or something) I did have low intervention care from her during pregnancy so I feel like it was worth it to switch.

Good luck finding someone who works for you, I encourage you to keep looking and find a good fit. I really like my GP and he's very fat friendly, so I think some of those doctors do exist!

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Congrats on your pregnancy! 


I'm sorry your doctor has you feeling discouraged. I think you're right to question his assumptions and extra testing early on. 


A couple suggestions: 

- If you can, I highly recommend having a doula. She can help you try to find a provider who is VBAC and size-friendly and will be there to support you through your pregnancy and birth. If cost is an issue, many doulas will take your financial situation into consideration. http://doulamatch.net is a good place to look for doulas in your area (it's how I found mine). 

- Have you considered finding a practice with midwives? There are definitely exceptions, but I have found that most midwives are more likely to consider your specific circumstances than to see you as high risk just for being fat. Even if you do end up high risk and need OB care, you may be able to see a midwife for your prenatal care in a combined practice. I've also found that doctors who work well with midwives are more open to natural pregnancy/birth. 

- Your local ICAN chapter may be able to help you find a VBAC-friendly provider http://ican-online.org/

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Congrats! I am well overweight also (but "only" about 225 right now) and I second the finding a doula suggestion. I had an awesome doula who helped give me the courage to switch providers late in my 2nd pregnancy, because the provider I was with was not nearly as vbac friendly as I hoped.


As for your weight, and the testing - before doing it, ask if even if you pass, if you need to be tested again later. There is no test you can't say no to. I would really run from that practice. The most any of my OBs or CNMs have said about my weight is to try not to gain too much, and that's been very doable (25 lbs with my first, about 10 with my 2nd, and so far 5 with this pregnancy - 22 weeks). Ask for your medical records, and see what the real reason for your primary c-section was. When the doctor I switched to looked back over the operative notes (my 1st pregnancy was overseen by hospital midwives) he said the primary reason I stalled in labor was due to the babe's poor position - pure sunny side up - and that even though I am quite short - 4'11" - my frame seemed rather average, so I had as good a change of delivering vaginally as anyone.


Another thing to consider, if you can, is a good chiropractor, well versed in chiro during pregnancy. Good alignment and positioning (see spinning babies) can make all the difference.


Hugs! and congrats again!

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