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Jonah Maxwell arrives!

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Jonah Maxwell was born 10:50pm Sept 20. 8lbs even, 20in long,

His unplanned unassisted 45min homebirth story can be read on my blog:


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Whoa!!! What a birth story! You and your DH did amazingly! Thank you for sharing.


Big congratulations to you both and welcome to the world little cutie Jonah!!!

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Yes, with the longer labors, at least you have a chance to catch your breath and allow the endorphins to kick in. With quick ones, it's painful and overwhelming immediately.  Good job, mama and congrats!

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Just...Wow!  Great job to you and your DH.  So glad everything went well despite all the unexpected craziness!  Enjoy your cute little bundle!

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What an intense labor! What a memorable birth! Congratulations on the arrival of Jonah!!
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I love his sweet blond hair. Congratulations.

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Congratulations. That is quite a story.
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Congratulations! What an amazing story- you rock!
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Congrats! What a great birth story!!

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Congratulations! Incredible!

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Amazing birth story! Welcome to the world, Jonah! Congratulations mama. x

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He's a cutie, congrats!!

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What a story! Congrats to you and welcome to Jonah. He is adorable and I love the name Jonah. I read your story and I can totally relate to your description of "brutal"...it really is shockingly intense when it happens so fast. You and DH did a great job!

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What an amazing story! Welcome Jonah.
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Oh wow! Many congrats Mama! Welcome to the world baby Jonah!
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Congrats!!!  what an experience!!!

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Congratulations he is a doll!!!!

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Wowza! What a rollercoaster! Congratulations & good work!
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