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Kind Of, Sort Of Thinking Of The Next One....

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Yep, that's me - certifiably insane. :-) Alexander just had his first birthday on the 16th. Something clicked inside me very recently - I want another baby. It was hit or miss before now - maybe we'll have another child, maybe we won't. But suddenly, I know we're not done, and we need to try to have another. Not so soon, granted! Now that I know the awesome financial, emotional, and physical commitment first hand that a child requires, I want to have our ducks more in a row for number two. Especially since our first responsibility is to our son that is already here with us. But I know for certain that I want another child. And that makes me really, really happy. Even if it takes several years to get there - I'm happy for the prospect, and that I finally know my own mind about it. 


Where are you all at a year postpartum? 

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:)  Even before our first was born DH and I were taking about more ;) We didn't know what we were in for but we both came from families with more than one child so ONLY one was never even a though no matter how surprise and shocked we were that we were pregnant at all!  Due to my history (a tubal ligation 3 years prior to getting pregnant with DS #1) we talked about and even looked into in vitro JIC we couldn't do it "the old fashion way" ;)


I think I will always be one of those "I would love another baby" but knowing how much time and energy they take and having 3, I am good :)   It's one more than I though I would get so he's out bonus and he's really a great kid to leave off with :) 

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Yep... I think you're nutterballs. Then again, I'm a solo mama and I can't imagine doing this crazy work, student, all by myself sort of thing with two. But, I will admit to actually considering adding another to my family a few months ago, but then I woke up from that dream and realized that even if I wanted to, I'm too old to chase around a toddler at THIS age, let alone two years from now. LOL


So, yeah... I'm older and have fewer helping hands around the house than your average mama, but I can totally see why you'd want another. They're really a LOT of fun. :D

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