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Tips/Suggestions for NIP football hold?

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Hi - Long story short, due to various reasons, my baby (3 months old now) can only extract milk in the football hold. This makes NIP a big pain.  Any ideas/tips/suggestions on how to NIP easier without having to carry a big nursing pillow around or try to sit in chairs with armrests (which a lot of restaurants don't have)?




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I would try to use the diaper bag as an impromptu nursing pillow at least to support your arm. I don't have many other ideas because the football hold never really worked well for us. Have you tried nursing her upright? It made NIP a lot easier for us. HTH. Good luck
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How do you nurse upright?

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You may need to wait a little longer depending on how well your LO supports her head. I don't remember exactly how old my DD was when I stumbled across it and she didn't start nursing directly until she was almost 3 months old so my timing may be a bit off. Basically you sit upright (lean back a bit if you can) and sit LO on your lap, facing you, straddling the right leg (let's say that you will nurse from the right side). You can also tuck baby's legs under her depending on her size or find another position for her legs. Then you can use your right arm to steady baby along your torso in any way that feels stable and comfortable and your right hand can support baby's back. Your left hand can hold your right breast to help her latch on (I love the boob sandwich for that) and depending on your and baby's proportions you may be able to free up the left hand for extra support. When baby is young, this is best done reclined so your body can support her more fully but that is often easier to do than finding an armchair for the football hold. If you modify this by stretching out all the way then you can lay down almost horizontally at home on the couch and have a very restful nursing session. I'm not sure if the issues that cause you to use the football hold would prevent you from using this position but it's a good one to keep in mind as baby grows. Mine went through a super distractible phase at five months and this position was the only one she would nurse in because she could see the world better. She's 18 months now and for almost a year this is the only position we use except for bedtime and naps. I hope I explained fairly well how this position works for us. There are probably lots of variations on it and if it works for you, you'll find your own style. Let me know if I need to clarify; DD has been super clingy so I'm not exactly thinking straight :-)
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Thanks! That was very clear. Unfortunately, my breasts are too low (saggy, really) to make that position work but that's a great position if you can get it to work. I do like your idea of using diaper bag. I may need to try that out. Thanks again!

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I have big, kinda saggy boobs so I have to hold my breast while she nurses but if you play around at home, you might find a configuration that works for you. My DD is getting almost too tall, I sort of have to hoist a boob up to a ridiculous altitude to give her enough height to still make it work but it's better than fighting with her lol. Oh well, if I wanted to maintain my air of mystery and allure (lol ok, dignity) I wouldn't have become a mom joy.gif
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My first daughter nursed in the football hold exclusively, and so far my second daughter is the same.  I have large breasts which make the cradle hold impossible or at least unrealistic.  :P


I carry a large, overstuffed diaper bag or purse that I combine with a wadded-up sling to make a pillow.  If I can't find a chair with arms, I will try to:  wedge myself next to a wall; if sitting in a booth, turn sideways to use the back of the booth as a wall; if in a straight-backed chair, turn the chair (or myself) sideways so I can wedge my improvised pillow against the chair back. . . .  Once we're positioned, I tug my shirt down to obscure my nipple.  


In terms of being in public, I think it helps to NOT gaze adoringly into my baby's face, but instead to talk with whomever else I'm with.  I think people catch on to the fact that a baby in a cradle hold is probably nursing.  Some folks can't figure out what the hell I'm doing with the football hold until they've stared long enough to get an accidental eyeful.


I hope this helps!  Good luck.

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