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Updates people - updates!

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Okay, now that DS is 11 weeks I'm starting to exit the fog of new baby ness and ready to participate in society again. Sort of... And it seems I'm not alone, with the activity (or lack thereof) on this board!

So let's have an update thread! I'm going to throw out all my issues and updates and if you are dealing with these too, maybe they should be started as their own thread...

Prolapse - yes, its happened to me. I got a terrible cold (we all did, baby included) at 6 weeks old, and spent over a week coughing like crazy. And I was back to work temporarily at that time, on my feet all day. I noticed somthing felt 'off' like a tampon in the wrong place or something. And having read about it on mothering I sort of knew. OB confirmed it, but it's a "really minor" case that should resolve on its own. Still, it's troubling, and some days are better than others. I guess I should be grateful it's not worse than it is!

Moving - so during the summer we live in our airstream trailer, and then rent seasonally for the winter. And we are so LUCKY because this huge house (friend of a friend who's teaching in Japan) for cheap rent just fell right into our laps! But we did have to actually MOVE into it, which was not easy with a 5 week old and a 5 year old.

Work - at the same time as moving, I went back to work for 3 weeks. DS was only 5 weeks old! It was hard, but a good decision. I'm a teacher, and so I just came in for Inservices and the first two weeks of school - and basically of to meet all my students and know thier names before I took my leave. So when I go back, it will really cut down on time spent establishing relationships and authority, etc. and then I took another 7 weeks of leave. So DS will be 15 weeks when I return again - that's 5 weeks older than when I had DS 1! And now that he's smiling and cooing like crazy, I'm so happy not to be missing it!

Teeth - I swear DS is teething. And has been since 8-9 weeks. I mean crazy drool, chomping my nips, chewing my fingers, the whole works. I'm so bummed - my sweet newborn has grown into a fussy tether too fast! My honeymoon is over!

Traveling - its that time of year - buying Christmas tickets. Is anyone else traveling with thier family during the holidays? It's been, oh, about 5years since I've flown with a baby. Any tips I've forgotten would be great! This is a super long flight too - anchorage ak to Orlando fl. With a six month old and a five year old and on christmas eve! Eek!

Older sibs - people really warned me about jealousy, but DS1 has been awesome! He's DS2s "protector" and is always looking out for him. If he doesn't know where the baby is he looks at me like its an emergency and asks "where's the baby?" as if I've lost him or something. And he loves o make the baby smile and coo. I've got done cute vids to prove it!

Returning to pre-preg body (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) - well, I fit in some of my pre-preg clothes. Not all, and not the pants (sad face) but things are slowly returning to normal. This fancy house we are renting has a treadmill and an elliptical - ice been doing 1/2 an hour 4-5 days a week with DS in the carrier. He gets a nap, I get some exercise! And trying o sneak in yoga here and there when I have a minute. If my pre-preg pants would just button, I'd be pretty satisfied!

Winter - we lived in Portland OR when DS1was born. Now in Alaska, I've never had a baby in extreme cold weather. Looking for pointers or tips or whatever. We like to,get out and do snow activities - esp. Snowshoeing, and I wonder how to make sure the baby is warm enough. He'll be in a carrier, but do I wear a coat around both of us? Or the carrier outside my coat with him in his own bunting? Does he need a down suit, or is fleece okay? We probably won't be out if it's below 5-10 degrees. Things ive never had to consider before. And I know it seems early, but here, we've got a 50-50 shot of a white Halloween, so winter is on its way! Most of the leaves are on the ground and fall is almost over... It's coming fast!

Okay, I know there already is a work thread, but if anyone thinks they want to spend more time chatting about stuff, let's get some more threads going! I think DS2 is just starting to laugh! Anyone else? Anyone out there at all? Hello?

ETA : sorry for typos. I swear I DO know how to spell, but no time to fix the auto corrects now - need to nurse a babe!
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Reid is almost 16 weeks now (I can't believe it!) and I feel like I'm starting to get confident with this whole parenting thing.


I'm pretty sure he is starting teething as well.  He drools a lot and is constantly sticking anything and everything into his mouth.  He is biting down on things, not just sucking on them like he used to.  And sometimes he starts screaming out of nowhere, no lead up fussing or anything, just full out I'm in pain crying. 


He is still sleeping really well at night and I'm so thankful, I do NOT do well short on sleeping.  He doesn't normally nap well (he seems to have trouble getting into deep sleep so movement/noise wake him up.  It's work to get him to fall asleep at night for the first time, he needs lots of shushing and bouncing.  Once he does get down he is only up twice to eat and normally nurses back to sleep nice and easy.  I know I"m lucky he sleeps as well as he does, but it's still a big adjustment to me since he's my first!


I'm trying to figure out what we are going to do for sleeping arrangements going forward.  Since birth he's been in a moses basket right beside me but he's going to be too big for it soon.  The few times I've tried having him right in bed with us I haven't slept as well so while I really like the idea of bed sharing in theory I'm not sure if it is the right choice for us right now.  There really isn't room in my bedroom for his crib though so he might end up in his own room in his crib which makes me sad.  It's right beside my room but it still seems like really far away :(


I've just started a mom and baby workout class and it kicked my ass last week.  I think I've got about 15 pounds to loose to get back to prepregnancy weight, plus ideally another 5-10 beyond that.  I'm hoping that the class, plus running on the weekend will get me there pretty quick. I fit into all my shirts but I had to buy new pants a few sizes up.


Tomorrow there is a baby music class at a nearby library and I think Reid will really enjoy it.  He loves when we sing Old MacDonald to him so hopefully it will remind me of some other songs.


We won't be traveling for the holidays, but in a few weeks we are going to visit some friends a few provinces over.  Their son is about 7 weeks older than Reid so it will be super fun to see them and get the boys together.  I'm not nervous about the flight yet, but I"m sure I will be as we get closer.


I'm in Canada so get a full year maternity leave, I can't imagine being back at work already!

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It is great to hear the updates.  I guess life has just gotten really busy for all of us.


My baby is also going through the teething symptoms.  I remember this from DD1.  I call it "pre-teething" because I know that her teeth wont actually cut for another few months.  But she acts like they will pop through any minute now.  I wonder if it is the teeth coming up through from the bone or something.  I'd be curious to know.


I am so sad to be leaving the newborn stage.  Knowing this is my last baby, it is so bittersweet.  I just want to hold on to every single moment.  Of course, it is fun to watch her start to blossom too.  The smiles and giggles are so enchanting!  I am looking forward to getting to see her personality unfold.  


My older daughter is stuck to her baby sister like glue.  She gets so upset if they have to be apart (like when DD1 goes to school).  I thought that it would be a while before they would play together, but apparently, my 4 year old could care less that her baby sister can't do much.  I just lay her on the floor and DD1 will play all sorts of things with her.  Today she was playing midwife with her.  She stuck a play-silk under baby's sweater and and pretended she was pregnant.  Then she carefully wrapped her newborn baby (one of her stuffed animals) and placed in on Miss I's tummy.  She carefully made all sorts of "placenta medicine" and then went off to assist at another birth in the next room, but not before giving her sister a cell phone (block) and telling her to call her if she needed her.  It is so fun to watch her imaginative take-off on the birth experience.  And I just love that she can play so happily with a baby who can't even sit up yet.   The baby loves to watch her older sister too, so they are able to keep each other happy for long stretches of time.  It really helps since I can't carry Miss I around much in the carrier because of my neck.  Of course, I can't leave them alone together because DD1 will try to pick up her baby sister which freaks her out.  But at least she isn't trying to hurt her.


Sleep is going SO WELL!  Miss I does have gas at night still that can wake her up, but overall she is doing really well with sleep.  This is a god-send because I just don't think I could handle a fussy baby who didn't sleep well.  I went through it with #1 and that was tough.  But with the added stress of my separation and dingle parenting, I feel like the angels just knew I had to have an easy baby this time.  It is a blessing.  She is SUCH a blessing!


Things with DH are harmonious, but he is still leaving.  He just put a deposit down on a house today.  Originally  I thought that we would wait until January for him to move out, but he doesn't want to move in mid-winter and I don't want to put off the change until the spring.  I really need to just get it over with so I can figure out what life is going to be like as a single mom.  We have had lots of long conversations and it is just clear that I need to let him go.  I trust that we will still have a deep friendship and we will always be family.  I'm glad that things aren't contentious, it helps a lot.  But it is still really hard and really sad.  I'm trying to focus on positive things.  Like, once he moves out the baby can actually have her own room.  I didn't do a nursery for DD1 and then there wasn't a room to do it for DD2.  I kind of wanted that experience, though of setting up a sweet little baby space.  It won't be the same as doing it during the dreamy pregnancy stage, but at least I get to do it.  


I've been working really hard to keep PP anxiety in check.  With the changes in my situation I have completely cut everything out of my life except for my kids and figuring out the separation details.  I'm in therapy and doing whatever I can to take care of myself, although I really need more exercise.  Overall things are staying managible.  Of course, once I'm alone in the house with two children that could all change.  I just want to soak in every moment of having a baby still, so I'm doing my best to not focus on what is coming, just stay in the present moment and soak in every single baby smile.  


Oh, one last thing.... now that it is fall, I'm having physical flashbacks to all of the 1st trimester yuckiness.  Does this happen for anyone else?  It happened with DD1 too.  All of the smells and sounds and sights of that season (it was spring for DD1) bring up the memory of feeling so sick.  It kind of puts a damper on the fall.  I know it will pass, but I just find it interesting that I linked it so closely to the seasons.  Not sure it that makes sense to anyone else.  Its almost like a (very, very) mini-PST trigger.  

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Aenea is right on track for 16 weeks adjusted/developmentally, which is great.  She's 28 weeks actual (so, 6.5mo/3.5+mo).  We're having feeding issues.  She started teething at 2m adjusted and went on a massive nursing strike.  She'd transitioned to half her feeds at the breast before then and now she won't even look at the boobs.  I've tried every trick in the book.  I'll keep trying, but she's not making it easy.  At least I have abundant supply and can pump.


Otherwise, things are great.  She laughs, she whispers, she yells.  She giggles at her brother and saves her best smiles for him.  He loves her startle reflex (still there) and she thinks it's funny when he startles her.  I think he's setting her up for a life of thrill-seeking/roller coaster love.  

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So very cool to read your updates. I was going to post mine- but your posts motivated me to go work out while my LO is napping. By the way the group is alive and well on facebook for any of you who are curious.


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Nice to hear updates.   Mama Ruga- we are here for you- strong lady and wonderful mama.


My babe is 12 weeks now; she is a dream baby.  I thought I might be in for a difficult one since DD1 was a pretty easy baby, but I hit the jackpot again.  She loves to be outside, to watch the dogs, to watch us.  She sleeps pretty well and goes right back to sleep when she wakes up at night.  She is laughing, screeching, jumping, almost rolling over and already looking like she wants to grab things.


Big sister is a dream too.  She loves the baby and wants to see her first thing in the morning and kiss her goodnight.  She dances and sings for her to keep her entertained and his definitely mama's little helper.  She read her a book the other day and baby was enthralled.  I am so looking forward to watching their relationship develop.


I wish I could lose the pregnancy weight,  I lost 20 right way and have lost NOTHING since then, despite the fact that breast feed all the time, and I run and hike and eat well.  I guess I just need to be patient, but it is FRUSTRATING.  I had to get a few things to work in, but I am avoiding buying new clothes because I hope the weight will come off soon.  Being back at work is going well.  Baby gets on great with the sitters, but I miss her even though my schedule allows me to never be away for more than 4 hours.


Take care all.  These babes are growing so fast.

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tri31- Can you post a link to the facebook group?  

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Edited- I guess maybe I should share the facebook thing in PM. Sorry computer savy I am not. 

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It was so nice to read your updates!


I'm not on Facebook so I'm happy to see some mamas here still.


MamaRuga - many calm and peaceful vibes to you in this time of transistion. 


Baby L is soooo much easier that DS1.  He was giving me a 3-4 hour block of sleep at the beginning of the night but we've reverted back to every 2 hour wake-ups.  Since DS1 woke up every 45 minutes or so, this still seems like a good amount of sleep to me. 


He's 4 months old as of yesterday and is full on the "pre-teething".  I keep checking his lower jaw for teeth because he's much "chewier" than DS1 was at this stage.  I'm considered making my own zwiback (sp?) for him even though I know that counts as food because he really enjoys chewing and is starting to grab at our plates at the table.  He's still nursing well and pumping at work is going ok.  I only pump once as I work 3-4 hours in the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to a time when he can have a afternoon solid snack and won't miss one feeding of mama milk. 


DS1 and Baby L get along pretty well.  DS1 doesn't show any jealousy but can get a little too physical.  I think part of the physicality is an attention seeking behavior but as Baby L could actually get hurt, I have to step in and give him the reaction he's looking for.  Sigh.  Baby L will only laugh for big brother though and he does seem to enjoy watching DS1 play. 


I have about 5 more pounds to lose of the 45+ that I gained in pregnancy but my body shape is different and I can't button any of my pre-preg pants.  I went out and bought the next size up but they are too big every where else.  I lost the weight with zero effort if you don't count mothering a 3 year old and on-demand nursing a newborn (not bragging, just saying) so I'm hoping that if I exert myself a little I can lose the last 5 and maybe 10-15 more.  That would put me at my weight when I was 18 which seems unattainable.  Maybe not unattainable but unsustainable. 


Anyway, life has been busy for us and while I'm enjoying being back to work part-time, I miss the quiet afternoon naps with both my boys in the big bed.   

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So good to hear everyone's updates!


I am on FB but not at all active, so this works better for me. :)

MamaRuga--sending the love.


Baby #3 is such a little bundle of joy. He's still sleeping and sleeping, and well, sleeping. How come I still feel sleep deprived? When he's awake he is "talking" alot and today he made the "ma ma" sound when he was crying (I was running around trying to get dressed). So sweet! And, yes! the teething thing. So funny that I seem to "forget" these things and asked the ped. last visit she said not for another few months. Then I remembered the long drooling and hand-biting stage. :)


DD is the oldest and doing OK, is a terrific older sister. DS1 is the middle, of course, and exhibiting the typical signs of adjustment with a little sibling. Overall, I would say he's alot mellower than DD was with him and they are each spaced the same in terms of years. And--ahh--this magic moment happening here (sending emails and on mdc)--is b/c DS1 and DS2 are sleeping AT THE SAME TIME! Miracle of miracles. Oh wait, maybe I should be doing that, too?!


Oh my, the PP body. Well, I've got a ways to go but I've been walking everyday mostly and doing several days a week of either pilates or weights. The weight usually comes off slowly for me. I think I'm wearing 1-2 sizes bigger in jeans than before right now (hard to tell with brands). I bought a few pairs of clothing at the thrift store for dirt-cheap to "tide me over" and I'm glad I did. Especially the tops. This time, for some reason, my bust size is larger than with the previous babies. It really limits what I can wear and I've had to pick up a few tops for the meantime.


I'm learning this time around to really adjust my expectations for what I can accomplish at home in a day. This is so difficult personally for me because I tend to be a purist and perfectionist, but it is an important life lesson that my kids are helping me learn. I'm so thankful for that!


And finally, MamaRuga, what you wrote about physical flashbacks to the first trimester--I'm there! It's funny, b/c I didn't associate it with time of year but b/c I've been thinking about #4! But it must be a trigger-the time of year. It's like this body-memory of that time. I haven't experienced this before--maybe b/c I had hypermesis. Curious to know if others have had this, too.


I'm so thankful for all of the support I received during my pregnancy and glad to hear from some familiar "faces".

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