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I didn't originally think that I'd be going over 40 weeks, but now since I'm due tomorrow with no sign of labor, I'm pretty sure I'm going over.  sigh.  Lord help me if this kid doesn't make an appearance sometime this week :-/

Same here, due tomorrow and I really don't think I'm going into labor tonight! The emails/calls/texts have started, "Any signs of labor?". No, people, leave me alone! I'm more anxious than you are! 


Just trying to get stuff done, there's always more I can do to prepare for this baby so every day is nice, I suppose.

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I'm 41+1 today. If I don't have her in the next few days then my VBAC plan is over. I've agreed to an RCS on Monday. I'll be 41+5, I don't feel comfortable with the increased risks associated with going over 42 weeks even though I know they're tiny. It's just my personal, psychological limit.

I've had 2 acupuncture sessions and 3 strip and stretch attempts by my HCPs as well as my own attempts every night since 39 weeks. At my appointment yesterday her head was still floating although it seems a bit lower today.

I was prepared to attempt some gentle induction attempts but with a closed cervix and high head there isn't really anything safe to try.

Hope others are having more success.
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I was sure I was going to go really early even though I'm a FTM. Tomorrow is 38 weeks, though, and he definitely hasn't dropped. He still keeps changing positions. I'm trying to mentally deal with the fact that it will probably still be at least a week, probably more. I'm impressed with all the moms getting things done while they wait-I'm more paralyzed with anticipation. Hopefully soon I will get up the energy to accomplish some last minute tasks and be able to distract myself until it's really time :)

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Although a first timer, I had a gut feel that I will deliver sooner than my due date (nov 15th). My mom came to stay with us for this delivery and both me and her had nightmares that I go into labor before she reaches us. Its been 2+ weeks now, that she is here and still no sign of baby :(

I am 40W3D today and so far nothing! I get random (non painful) contractions all day but then nothing that shapes up into actual labor.

As per MW, my cervix is still closed and as of 40W she guesstimated the baby to be around 9ish pounds. Although I want to wait till the baby is ready to come out on its own, the MW thinks waiting till 42 weeks will make natural vaginal birth difficult due to the baby's size. 


I have been trying everything possible to get this baby out....walking, EPO, sex and still no luck! I have an acupuncture session on monday, hope that does some magic! 


I knew 4 friends who were pregnant with me and due last week of november. My SIL was due first week of Dec. Coincidentally, all of them have had their babies already in first week of november and I am still pregnant. I know I am not really late (its just 40W3D today!!!) but then all this peer pressure from friends and extended family is making me so edgy. I am so tired of answering all the emails/txts/calls from ppl asking if theres any news yet! banghead.gif

Lessons learnt - Next time I am pregnant, I am going to tell ppl a due date which is one month after my actual due date ;)

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