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Help me use my woven wrap out of the house!

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I have recently fallen in love with woven wraps and need some tips on how to get more use out of mine.  I have a Dolcino already and have ordered an Ellaroo as a lighter weight option.  My 2 month old son pretty much does all of his napping in the wrap and I feel pretty proficient with the FCC and FWCC.  I have really only used it in the house, so I can get other things done and have hands available for my older daughter, and on walking outings from the house.  


I need some tips on how to practically use it when out and about.  Like how to get him out of the car seat in a parking lot and wrap him up to go in to the grocery store.  Does the wrap just get wet and dirty when you use it out in the world, or are there some tricks to make it easier? 



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Good question -- I always feel like kind of a freak when I'm wrapping DC out in the real world. It feels kind of bulky and so bold & elaborate. I feel like people are looking at me thinking, "What the heck is she doing?!?"  

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Put the wrap on before you leave and just pop baby in and out. That's what I've done
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Yes, you can try putting it on before you leave. Otherwise, it is really hard to get it on without it touching the ground or parking lot, etc.  I always try to lift the bottom of the wrap but am never successful.

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I put it on first before getting in the car - you can then adjust it if need be once you are inside a shop.  This is one of the great things about a woven wrap though - they won't stretch out of shape so you can put them in and out and in and out many times before needing to adjust it unlike with a stretchie wrap which I find needs tightening everytime you take them out and put them back in again! 


Alternativly, you can chuck the wrap over your shoulder and carry your child into the shop with you then put it on.  Its a bit more of a faff and people will stop to stare at you and offer you help (as if they have any idea of knowing what you are doing! lol) but sometimes its a better option - espeically if its all wet and yucky outside! 


I live in the UK and we have got by okay so far! hehe  I just got used to putting it on first! 


Top tip - don't knot it if you put it on before you get in the car of the hard knot will be uncomfortable for you on your back!  Just loosely tie it - you can properly secure it once your baby is in!

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I only use shorties when out and about (except in cases where we start at home and return home without unwrapping).  My favorite size is 3.0 meters (long 2/short 3) - this gives me multiple options for front, side, and back carries and can still be worn as a scarf when not in use as a carrier. 

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I have a wagon. When DS was littler I would spread the wrap on the back of the wagon and put him on it, then toss him on my back from there. I have gotten good at keeping the tails in the wagon. Now that he's a little older I put the wrap on his back while he's sitting on my knee (foot propped on the bumper), and again keep the tails in the wagon. I typically park at the far end of the parking lot so as to not distract myself by feeling watched. 

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