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Postives are not getting darker yet...

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I wanted to know how long it usually takes for the tests to get darker. I'm really nervous. I'm using dollar tree and wondfo tests. The dollar tree came up super faint the day before yesterday and a little darker the next day. My wondfos got darker at first and are not getting darker anymore for the past couple days, but I took one last night with SUPER diluted urine and was able to see a line still. And the lines was as dark as FMU this morning. Don't know if that matters, but I had read that wondfos don't ever get really dark? I remember getting darker tests with my other kids, but maybe it was the brand?


The Dollar Tree test I took this morning was only faint again. :-/ I wish DH hadn't said anything on facebook yet because I have a bad feeling. :(
We have never had a loss and I hope this won't be one, but I guess we'll see.

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And I don't have insurance or money for quantitative blood tests. Wish I did because that would allow me to know one way or another. I don't like not knowing. I think I'll go buy another brand of test with less sensitivity to see if I can make it show up too. That would at least let me know if it had gotten to that level.

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Any planned parenthood or pregnancy crisis center could do a test for you at a reduced cost to verify that you are pregnant. They could also direct you to low cost or help with the cost of prenatal care.

Hcg doubles every 48 hours so at first those numbers are slow to grow. I think I would keep testing for the next few days with FMU and see what happens. A different brand might be good, too, just to see the line.

Good luck and congrats!
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I'd go buy an answer or an frer. I've had zero luck watching strips get darker. 

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Have you ever charted? If you take your temperatures you can see that you are still pregnant. When you are pregnant your BBT stays high.

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Thanks to everyone.


I haven't charted, but I do have an elevated from normal temperature. I know pretty close to where my temp stays majority of the time. I'll buy some other tests tomorrow. Maybe I just caught things early with those strips and therefore things just haven't gotten darker yet because of that? I guess I'll know soon enough.

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So, I think my normal is around 97.0-97.2  (BBT) from doing that before when not pregnant. I had a temp of 98 BBT this morning. So, how do I know if things are looking bad? Does the temp just start dropping to pre-pregnancy temp?


I tried the dollar store and Wondfo strips again this morning and they are both light. I'll go out and buy answer brand today I think. I remember getting a good solid positive on that kind with my first. Thanks.

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It will drop back down to the low 70s if you start to miscarry. But really do yourself a favor and stop testing. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. I'd even caution you from temping everyday. It can become obsessive, and sometimes you might get one random lower temp and then you'll start obsessing more. Stress isn't good for baby.
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My temp was still 98 today.


I had bought Answer tests in a 3 pack yesterday to try to calm any nerves. Well, I took one right away mid-day. It turned up a light-medium colored positive. It was a nice line so,  I felt a bit better. I took another today with FMU thinking it would be at least a hint darker because of being more concentrated and it was actually light which kind of worried me again. So, I found this thread http://community.babycenter.com/post/a17310985/hpt_test_lines_getting_lighter...what?cpg=2&csi=2075094279&pd=1 and it showed a woman who had First response tests that did that and then later that same day it was a nice line again. The thread showed a woman that got lighter postives with FMU than later in the day and I think I have the same thing happening because I took a wondfo later and it came out with a decent colored line and had taken one with the Answer test earlier and it was light like that test. So, apparently that's what it is. I just thought to put this so, if anyone stumbles on this thread wondering about a similar thing. Anyway, I feel better and will do my best to stay relaxed. 

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Still temping at around 98 every morning, but had some very light, red spotting and cramps that are mild, but annoying. :-/ Hope it isn't anything, but I don't know. My potential midwife suggested implantation bleeding, but isn't that supposed to happen before the positive tests? I see her tomorrow for a first consult.

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Still have a 98 temp. But, my answer test this morning was almost negative and the strip test was a very faint positive and I started a light flow. So, pretty sure that is a loss.

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so sorry day is coming :( lots of hugs! 

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