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I need advice

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So... I'm unemployed. That's a bad thing, and while I'd love to be a SAHM, its not financially in the cards. A friend of mine mentioned his work is hiring- Its an overnight (eleven pm to seven am) shelf stocking job, part time hours. The thing I need advice on is is it feasible to go from a daytime awake cycle to a third shift awake cycle while pregnant? 

The second thing is, does it even make sense to take a job doing this? Its at a Christmas Tree Shop, so while there are some furniture pieces, the items are mostly light.  I'm told that the furniture things are moved by the guys (I asked him what protocol was for that, he said the guys fight for it. I was looking for 2 person lifts or what not.) 


It goes without saying that I'll be asking my OB/Midwife tomorrow at my regularly scheduled appointment, but I could use some advice from people who have been pregnant before, and possibly anyone who has worked third shift before. 


Third shift is tempting, because I'd be able, theoretically, to do without daycare expenses, while DH is finishing his masters in education, and possibly even long term, while he teaches. My gut instinct here is to hold out for second shift, because I need dark to sleep, but the UI runs out in May unless I find some part time work to extend it. 


So what do y'all think? Don't worry about hurting my feelings on this, Its a war between an obligation (to get off of UI ASAP) and the expectation that I won't be useful at this job come December.

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Could you take 3rd shift and let them know you would be open to switching to 2nd if it became available?

I have no advice on the timing, sorry!
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Possibly, but the stock job has higher pay (although a $5 pay cut from my previous job) which is enough more than the retail 'second shift' (at minimum wage), which is absolutely not a financial option. 

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You are in a tough spot Megmoira.  I hope this works out for you and your family and you can find a solution that doesn't put too much stress on you.


Your UI does not run out until May right?  Have you already taken an extension?  You still have time even if you have already gotten an extension.  3rd shift is a hard shift if you are not naturally a late night/over night person.  I can't see it being very feasible once you have the baby either because you will need your sleep during the day and you will be home alone.  You won't be getting very much sleep if you are getting up to take care of the baby every 2 hours.  And those are on the good days.  On bad days you may be up with the baby all day which means your nightshift work is really going to be painful.


If I were you, I would hold out (although you are doing this already) and really start pushing for a regular or swing shift job.  I really did not like 3rd shift and I was not pregnant at the time.  I was working in an ER and I did have DD baby at home.  When I worked swing shift DD was a toddler and that was hard too.  I was also trying to save the cost of daycare, but I was falling apart at the seams.  I am a morning person, or at the very least, a mid-morning person! wink1.gif  It's a tough shift and it takes a while to adjust.  I don't think I ever adjusted to 3rd shift entirely.  Is the shift 10 p to 7 a? or 12 to 8?  Some of these schedules might be more managable then others depending on your natural sleep patterns, but I really don't know how you could avoid daycare.  It doesn't take long before you are walking zombie from lack of sleep, dizzy.gif and that's for moms with a normal job and a husband helping at home at night.  Newborns are notorious for messing up the best laid plans.  


Are you planning to BF?  That will also play a part, the lack of sleep may interfere with your BF supply.


My final point on this is that Christmas Tree Shoppe and other stores like it normally hire for Christmas season and then after Christmas the recent hires get let go, especially if there is a bad season.  That could be even worse for you in January to try to find a job at 5-6 months pregnant while you could have spent these next 3 months finding one more long term.  Your UI may allow you to work some as well as collect the UI, but there are set rules for how much you can work.  To maximize your benefits, I would see if you could work some hours at Christmas Tree Shoppe (depending on pay it's usually limited to less then 15 hours/week), save up your extra pennies and continue to look for work pretty hard, assuming you will be let go in January.  This might give you a little extra in the bank in case you need some daycare here or there.  Also consider finding a child care provider who can take you on a day to day basis instead of a full blown child care center.  The centers are more expensive, some require a deposit and a fulltime commitment but a home daycare may allow you to call ahead for 1 day or 2 days a week.  This will save you money. 


Best of luck, it's a hard spot to be in.

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I personally would have a really hard time doing a third shift job, as a temporary thing I could do it, but not something that was permanent or semi-permanent. I like to be up in the morning and in bed at night, even in college I resisted the stay-up-late culture as much as possible, I just do better in the morning. That said, I don't think it would be any worse while pregnant, so I don't think that part of it would be that big of a deal.

I too like jacquelinej would worry about my BFing supply, so if you are planning on BFing definitely take that into account.

I guess for me I might take this job temporarily if I were in your shoes, but I would continue to look for somethign else. I would have been physically capable of doing the job while pregnant, with either help or letting others do the really heavy lifting. It sounds like if this is a Christmas shop the job might be temporary anyway?
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Would you be open to cleaning houses? This is what I've been doing for the past two years & it's been perfect for me -- higher per hour wage than many other jobs & lots of flexibility with scheduling. We can PM about the specifics of how I started if you are interested.

I'm not sure yet if I will continue working after the baby comes, but I can see it being totally feasable with babe in a sling. Once the crawling starts is another matter...
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I second the cleaning houses recommendation.  I did that during college and did pretty well.  


What about caring for someone else's kids in your home?  I also was a nanny during college because it was flexible and it paid well.  I still do it, in fact, though we need to figure out if I still will as I get more into my pregnancy and eventually have the kiddo.   DH has offered to watch the baby while I go babysit, but we haven't figured that whole thing out yet.


For a little extra money I do things like swagbucks (I have swagbucks tv running all day at work on my second monitor) and use different apps on my phone to earn extra money.  Right now I'm averaging about $50/month from swagbucks and $50/month from my favorite app (apptrailers, which I also run all day at work).  These both pay me in amazon giftcards but there are other options including payal (though the payout in swagbucks for paypal is less than amazon).  I also use shopkick and viggle for a little extra but don't earn a ton off them.


Finally, I also do surveys and use amazon mechanical turk when bored (generally also at work...I sound like a stellar employee but my work is always done on time if not early).


In addition I do whatever I can to lower expenses.  This includes deal hunting, couponing (but not to a crazy level), and using cash back programs.  


Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

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