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NIght time vomiting- whooping cough? 4+months

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My dd who is 4 years old started vomiting at night early in the summer (May), shortly after her sister was born. 


DD is still nursing 3x+ per day, and eats a snack before bed. Picky eater, but we try hard to feed her well. 


Wakes around 10pm and coughs, usually acts like she is having a bad dream, then progresses to vomiting violently until she empties her tummy. Goes back to bed. This was happening 2+ times per week, now it seems to be 1x or less per week- but again tonight. 


Saw Dr. in August, she had an ear infection and was treated with antibiotics (first time ever)


Back to Dr end of August - her and her sister both had whooping cough. Treated again with antibiotics. She is not vaccinated. 


Has had 2x week long sickness this summer and 2 weeks ago- with 103 fever, general poor health. Feeling better now. Energy very low. 


I was told this was a result of the whooping cough, and it should slowly correct. But its been so long! Also, never able to find other stories with similar whooping cough presentation. Anyone BTDT? 


Scared this is something else in hiding. Please advice! Dr. has no further advice. 

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Whopping cough can last for several months, and any time their is a cold or illness it's like e whopping cough starts all over again. It's been my experience thus far. It's like taking 2 steps forward then one step back. We can't seem to kick it here. Hugs mama.
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Commenting more from my adult digestive issues - but if she's still vomiting, I might try to start keeping a list of when and jot down what she'd eaten most recently (so for dinner and bedtime snack) to make sure that there isn't any foods that might be consistently contributing.  I'd suspect that would be the most likely other cause if it isn't still a reaction to the whooping cough (and some people do tend to vomit very easily with minimal triggers, could simply be that she has a tendency to do that and the coughing just initiates that).  



I'll say that I've come to find that if/when I need to keep certain types of foods to a minimum for myself, not overeat on these particular foods, and make sure that I don't have too much time between meals (especially if I've tended to be eating foods I'm more sensitive to) or I have ended up with bad stomach pains and/or vomiting (also usually in the evening or nighttime) and making sure I'm eating in moderation will pretty much solve the problem.  In my case breads and bready-types of foods have been the main problem, particularly if they're not homemade/bakery and very fresh.  So, just another thought.

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Whopping cough tends to run hand in hand with vomiting though. They cough and cough to get the mucous up and anything else in the tummy comes up w it.
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