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Uterine growth question

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At 13 weeks I was measuring around 18-19 weeks. Since then, while my belly has been growing out, my uterus has not been growing up. It is still a teeny bit below my belly button. Measuring 18-19 weeks at 13 weeks is quite big for me. The baby's movements have been growing stronger and I am feeling more kicks all over the place (when s/he was littler, I could only feel them just above my pubic bone, now I feel them at my belly button). When I lie on my back I can feel the outline of the baby and s/he feels good-sized. I am just paranoid. Could the lack of growth be because I was measuring so far ahead so early on? I see my midwife in a week, I'll ask her. But for now, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this!

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I had a huge growth spurt around 14.5 weeks, and it slowed down after that but has still been growing, and I'm still ahead.  I'll see what baby measures at my anatomy scan this friday, or if there are more than one!

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Ok, well, saw my midwife today and I'm even more confused! I've lost 6 lbs since my last visit but despite that I'm measuring 5 weeks ahead (25 instead of 20). I am apparently not very good at measuring my FH later in pregnancy haha, I would have sworn it was right at my belly button. She was rather surprised when she felt for my fundus and immediately wondered about twins. We listened to 1 (?) h/b and she didn't look for another one. She said it is still difficult to tell at this point if it is twins and that we'll wait and see. She says there's nothing wrong with not knowing. I see her again at 25 weeks. Normally I see her at 20 and 28 but she didn't offer 28 weeks to me this time.. Makes me wonder.. So, I guess I wait!


ETA: I've measured ahead with all my babies at some point or another, but always later on, not so early and consistently. 

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Your belly pic didn't look that huge, but there are so many things that affect how one carries...  You could see about getting just a QUICK check with u/s, since it wouldn't take long to just tell if there's one or two there.  It would probably be less total radiation than a long search with doppler.  One of those independent places that just do u/s pics and gender checks might do a quick scan for pretty cheap.  But if you can wait until 25 weeks you'll probably have more clues one way or the other.  There are a few reasons to know sooner, but assuming you don't have any of the higher risk twin scenarios, you might not REALLY need to know until closer to term.  I'm still studying up on all this, myself, though. 

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I was really thinking of getting an ultrasound, but now that I've calmed down a bit, I don't think I'm going to. I've been wondering about twins now since 12-13 weeks, what's another month? Hehe! I also don't think DH would go for an u/s at all, so I'm not going to look into it much more. But I've found a couple places in our area just in case. ;) I don't feel like I'm big enough to have two in there, and my gut (mostly) says it is one.. So I'm going to try and be patient and wait it out. In the meantime I have been researching twins just so I can be more educated if there are two.

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aw- keep holding on!  it's hard to not know.


but you seem to be doing great, so just wanted to say keep holding on!


and see that midwife again soon.  she wants to know as well.

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Thank you!! I love your posts, always so upbeat and positive! orngbiggrin.gif And yes, she seems to want to know too, but for some reason is staying very low key. Maybe not wanting me to get anxious? I don't know. I'm over-analyzing everything, haha!

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LOL!!!  my midwife is SUPER low-key.  i think it's trying to keep the mama chill regardless of situation.  this was great in labor.  i remember asking my midwife after my last labor "why did i have sharp shooting pains down my inner left thigh in contractions?  never had that before!"  and she said "oh, that was the baby's hand up at her face and near the cervix, i was hoping she'd moved it before you started pushing."




easiest birth yet though, and i do trust my midwife!  but there are sometimes reasons to not make the mama panic!  especially since my medical births were all PANIC.  my husband loves the chill midwife who encourages the mama and is honest and direct but not focused on worrying... i mean, if you have twins, worrying about it now isn't going to change a whole lot that you're doing!?!  


so excited to find out what's going on.

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Yep, that is exactly how my midwife is too! With my last baby, he was crowning and my water broke. HELLO meconium! It wasn't brown or green either, it was yellow. She estimated that he'd passed it a couple weeks earlier. He'd definitely been in it for a while because his cord, skin and sac were stained yellow. She wasn't worried at all! If that had been a hospital it would've been bye-bye baby and off to the NICU complete with deep-suctioning.


And no, I don't think it will change much with me or her! At least that is the impression I got, so why get anxious about it? Either way, I think this is all kind of fun and exciting! orngbiggrin.gif

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