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Combo washer/dryer?

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Does anyone have any experience with something like this?




I didn't even know something like this existed, but came across it while looking for a new washer and dryer.  


Anyone have any thoughts about it?


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We have one, an LG, older model to the one linked.


I loved it for a while, and then it started to overheat.  Not many repair places in my area deal with this kind of appliance, so there was only one LG-certified repair place.  They were great, came promptly, applied the repair to the warranty, said a belt needed to be replaced.


It worked great for a few months after that and then the same thing happened:  during the dry cycle, it would bing a few times and stop, leaving partially dried clothes.   It wouldn't work again until the repair guy came again.


This happened 4 times in a 2-year period.  Maybe not a bad record, but annoying all the same.  


About a little over a year ago, the dryer started acting up for the 5th time.  I decided not to repair it as it was out of warranty and the last repair man we had said that we'd need to open up the top and manually clean out the insides because the lint wasn't circulating properly to the drainage spout.  He said it was a manufacturing problem, and the machine wasn't made well in general.    


My DH cleaned it out a couple of times when it would overheat and then gave up, so now we use the wash cycle and hang the clothes to dry.  This isn't a problem in nice weather, but can get annoying when you need something and have to wait for it to hang-dry.


We're saving up for a better version of this - one that is made and used regularly in Europe, so that we know it's well-made.  

The LG repairman said that LG doesn't have much of a history with these machines so they haven't worked out the kinks in them yet.  


The really good ones are much more expensive, but worth it, imho.


I should add that our machine is about 6 years old, so maybe they've worked the major kink(s) out of them by now.



Sorry for the long post.   All in all, I loved the machine when it worked - could do an entire load overnight and have clean clothes in the morning.  It was great, while it lasted ;)

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