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benjamin levi is here! *updated photo in initial post*

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Hi ladies! Benjamin levi gordon was born this morning, sept 24th at 1:39 am. My water broke at 12:30 before any noticeable contractions. We waited to see if they would pick up because in 12 hours by law i needed to be in active labor. After two hours of not much we did castor oil smoothie, homeopathics, and finally blue and black cohosh. This definitely got things going and i was dieing to use the birth tub. At 8:00 pm i began active labor and my back was so painful i needed pressure through every contraction. I won't lie, i was howling. By the end of it i was practically pulling dh's arms off with each contraction! finally his head came out, facing up (hence the back labor)and i remember thinking my god! How did that head fit through there?/?
I had quite a few tears, but was overjoyed when they actually numbed the area before stitches.

Benji is 7lbs. 7 oz., 20 in long, 14 in head. He is latching pretty well and i never had to use the abx because we were nearly done at 12 hrs. I'll post a pic soon! !

* here he is, wide awake and curious. The midwife said that she hadn't seen a "star-gazing" birth (facing up) in 5 years, and that it was very special. I agree. He is pretty darn special!

HOpe this pic works!
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Congratulations on the birth of your little boy!! Can't wait for pics! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Ascher!! Good for you mama!! Sounds like you did an amazing job during your labor, and Benjamin Levi is such a darling name! Congrats!!!!!! xo

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Yay!! Congrats, ascher!

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Benji, Benji, you're here!! Welcome! Congratulations, ascher!

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Congrats! I love both the names!! Enjoy your new little boy!!

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Congrats!!! Love his name. One of them is going to be in our baby's name too. Sorry to hear about the back labour, and man, you are a trooper to deliver him sunny side up!!! Hope you are feeling well and that your recovery is fast!!

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mazal tov!!!!

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Nice work mama!  Welcome Benji!

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Congratulations Asher!!
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Congratulations Ascher! Welcome Benjamin! joy.gif

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Congratulations Ascher, you did wonderfully - love the name :) Can't wait to see pics!

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Yay! You did great! And with an OP baby, no less!
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Great name, I love Benjamin.... congratulations on your gorgeous new boy!

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Way to go asher. Welcome Benjamin!

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Yay...congratulations asher and welcome benji. Kudos to you for squeezing him out sunny side up. Enjoy your little addition.
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Welcome to the world Benji and congratulations mama!  Wow...sunny side up--you GO!!  


You're part of our little birth cluster--within an hour and a half actual time, you, katt and I all birthed our babes :) 

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Congrats Ascher! I love his name!
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Congratulations Mama- I love the name!!!  Welcome Baby Benjamin!!!

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Congratulations love.gif

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