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NICO IS HERE!!! I did it and labor was crazy, I can't wait to share the story. More later for SURE. Ahhhhhhhh I love him so much.
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Congratulations Anya!!  Can't wait to meet Nico and hear all about your amazing birth :)  You did it is RIGHT!!

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After our conversation here yesterday, this quote from the October DDC CRACKED me up:



 It helps to read the birth stories over in the September thread as they're like ALL going over their guess dates! 


I guess we have a reputation!   :P

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Lol mk and for most of us waiting paid off with quick labors.

Anya: wohoooo...nico is here. Congratulations. Can't wait to hear the story.
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A long time ago, I said I was joining this chat and never really followed through, although I have been reading along.  Anyone else still waiting for their bundles to arrive, or am I the only one?  My EDD was yesterday.

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Congrats Anya!!! I just said to DH "Yay! another lady in my DDC had her baby!" He said " ANd to think that used to frustrate you..." I guess my attitude has gotten better since David got here!

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Anya, congratulations to you! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to hear your story and see pictures of your little Nico 




Am I the only one who had a fast labor and didn't go over my "guess date" lol. I was 8 days earlier than my due date and I when it hit me I was like "Oh no, I'm not ready" like seriously, we were so unprepared as far as having everything we needed, the "to do" list was only half done, and we are still buying things we need for Benji little by little. 


Crazy, crazy thing - with my labor only 2 weeks in the past now, I have actually thought "hmm, maybe we could have one more baby". Benji was actually already a "suprise" baby, so it isn't in our plans but when you are holding a sweet tiny newborn in your arms it is not hard to imagine adding just one more baby, LOL. 


I am so tired! It's DD's 7th bday today and we just got back from having her bday party at the park. It was a tad hot outside and I am just totally wiped out from 6 hours out of the house. It was not a huge party, some family and Piper's best friend and her mom. And tomorrow is DH's last day at home for his FMLA time, Tuesday he is back to work. Oh, but the pool is finally renovated here at the apartment complex so at least I can take my kids to the pool for a fairly easy outdoor activity with them. 

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Congrats AnyaRose! joy.gif


Nelson, I'm sure there are others still waiting. Hopefully they'll check in so you know you aren't alone!

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Yay nico!
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Congratulations, AnyaRose! Welcome to the outside, Nico!!

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Yeah Anya!!  congratulations on your bundle!  Pretty soon we will be able to say "We all did it".  I still look at my little guy ( and 3.5 yo DD) and am shocked that they were in my body!!

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Yay Anya!! Congrats on Nico! smile.gif
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yay Anya!!!

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congrats anya!

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We haven't heard from DMPKMom for awhile, I hope this means you are snuggling your sweet babe! Please check in when you have a chance!


To everyone who's September babies have decided to be October babies, please don't hesitate to check in. I'm guessing with the number of mamas who've gone well past their EDD here, there must be a few of you out there. I just thought I'd say that I'm thinking of you and wishing you lots of patience in these last few days. grouphug.gif


AFM, Ember is actually sleeping in our bed, and I'm taking the opportunity to type with two hands. Once she's woken up and eaten I think we are going to attempt to walk to the playground so older DD can run off some steam. My fundus is staying stubbornly high, so my midwife wants me to keep taking it easy for a bit longer, but I desperately need to get out of the house for a few hours. I don't think walking a couple blocks to the playground will be too strenuous.


I've now survived my first 24 horus of solo parenting. By this time Wednesday DH should be home, and while he'll be working long days, he'll at least be home in the evenings. I know a lot of it is postpartum hormones, but as well as missing his help, I'm feeling pretty lonely without him. My parents have been awesome, and have come over to entertain DD and feed us twice already but its not quite the same. Despite that, the anticipation of him leaving was in many ways worse than the actuality of it, so while it hasn't been an easy day, we're all doing OK, and I'm feeling better about getting through the next 2 days.


Hope everyone is doing well!

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no new chat yet?? i'm makin one..
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