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I wonder how Teegan & Carlin are doing?

Not feeling a hint of impending labor over here and while I know it's perfectly normal, I am feeling so discouraged. My DS has been waking at night this past week and staying up for hours. At least he's still sleeping now and I have a few peaceful minutes to myself.
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ANya, so glad you stood your ground on your international visitor, how very strange for someone to think that is ok! 


I am stalking all of you...

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I think it's time for me to share the birth story of Maya and an update on myself. This will be the short version, as I am not feeling well enough to sit up and type the whole thing.

After 11 hours of home labor, being about 9 cm and having pushing contractions, I had a gut feeling that we just had to go. The pain turned weird, and I couldn't believe it was "normal"

We went to the hospital, I was fully dilated. Got pain relief, and was pushing, at a +2 for a while. She was almost out, but then her heart rate accelerated to the 190's then dipped to 60's and it did it twice. At his point the doctor demanded to get her out NOW. Off to the OR.
Maya was born with thick meconium in her lungs. She was hooked to tubes, oxygen, antibiotics and other stuff for 4 days.i didn't see her for almost 24 hours. I had a tear in my uterus ("window" they called it. It felt like a tear to me...)
I got to hold her on the third day, and breastfed her the next day, once her central line was out. Things were looking up, and I got officially discharged on Thursday evening, but Maya was staying until Sunday to finish her antibiotic course and I stayed with her as "courtesy" on the same unit.she was getting strong and healthy, gaining back weight, but I started having back pain. A very long, agonizing and heart wrenching story short, after spending the two worst nights of my entire life in the ER with negligent and incompetent ER doctors and nurses, who insisted that my problem was too much poop, I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. It's the worst pain you can imagine, even comparing to labor with a torn uterus.
So Maya went home with daddy on Sunday, but I was re-admitted and treated with iv antibiotics and very powerful pain narcotics, which are preventing me from nursing her, but without which I still cannot go through a full day and night. I am getting better, pumping and dumping, and my antibiotics should be adjusted to my specific infection, once my urine cultures are finalized, and I should be able to go home on oral medications, also once they come up with adequate pain relief solution at home.

So once again,I haven't seen my baby for three days almost. She should come with daddy here today for a visit, but i can't nurse her because of a cat scan I got last night with contrast, and it is incompatible with breast milk for 24 hours after. I don't know how to NOT breast feed my baby, but we will just have to snuggle instead with a bottle I guess.

This has been a very very hard week. I miss my Maya so much it hurts to even think about it. Miss her skin and smell, little week-old body, her sweet sucking mouth, her eyes, and touch and everything about her.

Sorry, have to go lie down. More later.....
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Sorry for all the iPad typos. It's MECONIUM of course..
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Oh Maya, That is heartbreaking... I hope you feel better and are able to nurse soon!! Healing and peace vibes coming your way!


Anya - Good job standing up for yourself! The audacity of some people..irked.gif


Carlin- SO sorry things don't seem to be progressing yet... hopefully this is less work you will have for later


AFM - Our internet went out yesterday so I was cut off completely from the world!!! Last night I was falling asleep at 8... seriously it felt like I took tylenol PM... So I went to bed as soon as DS fell asleep and we got a solid 5 hours before he woke up again so that was nice... I woke up at about 5;20 am with regular although mild ctx.. they went on all morning so DH stayed home with me and we went on a walk and they didn't go away and then came in and rested and they didn't go away... Then DS took a nap and they seemed to pick up a bit, but by the time he woke up they had pretty much stopped... I might still be having a few but it's nothing noticeable hopmad.gif I could scream I am so upset that it stopped... I guess there is always time for it to pick back up, w/ DS things were puttering around and then got super intense super fast, maybe that will happen again...

MIL is coming to get DS at lunch time so maybe him being gone will help me relax enough that I can get things going...


41w2d and I am so sick of being pregnant!

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Oh, mymaya.. I am so, so sorry for all that you've been through. That hurt my heart to read. I'm so glad your Maya is doing alright, and am hoping and praying they get your care sorted out quickly so you can get home to her. Hearing about their negligence is infuriating.. you must be feeling so many things. Sending a huge hug.

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Oh, mymaya, what a rough week + you've had.  I'm so sorry you are going through all of that, and especially that the ER was not more responsive to you.  I could scream for you.  I hope you get to snuggle Maya very very soon!


Jules - how frustrating!  Last night I went to sleep at 8 also and was able to sleep until 12:45 when my DS woke up.  It's like we're living the same life...except that my DS is 2.5!  Good luck getting labor going.  41+2 sounds like a good day to have a baby.  dust.gif


AFM - brought my son to school this morning and he had a good drop off and day, which always is worth a deep sign of relief.  But it was a little boy's birthday and he had a cupcake and a Capri Sun juice drink and now he's a sugar-crazed-maniac! DH won't be home soon enough...

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Mymaya - My heart hurts for you.  I hope you heal quickly and can be with your Maya soon. 

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I'm having very very intense painful holy crap this better be labor contractions all day.  However, they're pretty spaced out with no pattern at all.  So, I feel really silly between them, like I should be moving about my regular day and why on earth are we burning a vacation day/day of paternity leave over this.  Then one hits and I'm thinking "We need to call the birth team NOW" and "Oh my G-d, you couldn't leave me alone with the kids right now for the world."  I have not said anything to anyone except DH.  The false alarms have made me feel like a mental case.  I have faith that we have time to get everyone here when needed. 


I have a midwife appointment in 2.5 hours, so I'll discuss it with her then.  I'm guessing this won't turn into active labor until after my girls are in bed for the night, but it may kick in at nap time...  Or it may stall out again just to make me absolutely lose my mind.  This is NOT how my other labors started at all.  This little one sure is determined to be different from the start.  I can't wait to meet her.


Maya, you and your little one are very much in my thoughts.  Sending love, light, and healing vibes goodvibes.gif

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Wow, how insanely quickly everything can change! We welcomed a strong, lovely girl to our family this morning. I guess we were finally ready !

I'll post the birth story soon.
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Congrats Help!


Flower of Bliss- dust.gifI hope this turns into something! It's so frustrating to have false alarms! I'm so sorry

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mymaya, call infantrisk.com's hotline. usually regular MDs are wrong about breastfeeding and med compatability bc they just ready the PDR, not b/c they understand penetration into bmilk or past baby's gut  (ie if your pain meds are IV, then the chances that they can cross a gut barrier are low).


also see if you can get your hubby to get an SNS and finger feed baby so you don't deal w/ bottle preference when this is all over. do you have an LC to help you all navigate this?

http://americas.iblce.org/find-an-ibclc has a list (international too). often the hospital LCs aren't fully board certified so getting your own may be best.


So sorry you are dealing w/ all this!  hugs momma

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Alright help and katt!! Congratulations! joy.gif


Flower of Bliss, hope this is it!

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mymaya- I'm so sorry you've been through so much.  I wish you the best and hope you are reunited with maya soon.I wanted to quickly let you know that there were studies done saying that the contrast used in the CT scans IS compatible with breastfeeding.  When I was readmitted I was facing a CT if things didn't improve... the doctor told me 48 hours no nursing.  A very very kind (male!) nurse from the ER went online (his own doing!) and printed me out a bunch of studies with the drugs they use, and highlighted everything of importance. 


And congrats new mamas!

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My midwife has me drinking parsley tea (it's seeping now) and trying the homeopaths again.  She doesn't want us to let this stall out.  I'm so with her on that.


This is so very very different from either of my previous labors.  The contractions HURT, and I have plenty of time after each one to think about how it HURT, and that this is just getting started.  My previous births were so fast I had no time to process each contraction.  My intense contractions yesterday throughout my pre-labor (and previous pre-labors too) made me stop and just breathe, or count, or sort of knocked the wind out of me.  These contractions leave me gritting my teeth and cursing under my breath, and then working through them a better way.  They're SHARP, and I really need time to recover from each one.  So different. 

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Flower of Bliss, hugs to you. That sounds exactly like my day yesterday. I was shocked by how intense each contraction was even though they never seemed to get closer together. I was getting pretty nervous about how long things would last and my ability to cope. As it turned out those spaced out contractions were definitely effective as once active labour started, baby was born in under 2 hours. It felt like being hit by a freight train but once things were up to speed it was fast!


MyMaya, you and Maya are in my thoughts. What a traumatic week! I'm sending healing vibes your way. Hopefully the rest of your recovery is smooth!


Congrats Help and Katt! Sounds like it was great night for babies!

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Vella Rose was born at 8:05 pm tonight. She's 7lbs 14oz and 21in long with a full head of dark curls. Labor was crazy fast. We're both doing quite well. More details to follow soon.
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Congratulations, Flower of Bliss!! I adore your little girl's name!

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Congrats Flower of Bliss!! What a pretty name!!


Ok, now I am really starting to feel like the only mama w/o a baby!


After yesterday's false alarm I am afraid to even dare to hope that something will happen.. 41w3d

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Princess Jules, I can almost promise you that you'll be before me. Ha! I'm still not even DUE. My due date is tomorrow and it does not feel close at all.... I fully expect to go far into October still being prego. 


I've been feeling pretty calm though. I mean, there isn't much drama here on a day to day basis... the occasional INTERNATIONAL VISITOR doesn't show a problem on most days (btw, he cancelled all his tickets and told me to tell him asap when he could come... hmm >< "never." Just kidding...ish). But things are simple here. I've still been doing work each week, with basically means photo shoots. I have had one scheduled ON my EDD for quite some time now. Ha. I hope I have to cancel it, but I doubt that will happen. =p


Everything's set up. Diapers are all pre-washed. Hospital bag is packed (minus the few things I use daily). Crib is set. Fridge is filled with PP simple to get (but healthy!) foods and meals. My floor is vacuumed. Haha. Now the waiting game continues. It's a little bit fun to not know when he'll come though... I mean, it's sort of like a little game between me and him. haha. Practice patience now, have patience later, right? (; 

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