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Aussie New Member - 7yo son & 4yo Type1 Diabetic daughter

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Hi my name is Deanne, I'm 28 & have 2 kids, my son is 7yo & in year 1 & my girl is 4yo & although in kindy, she has been recently diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes so she hasn't been at school for 3 weeks.

We are in Western Australia & I am finding it so hard to find a parents forum for diabetes that is up to date & used regularly so I thought about when I had time to myself long ago & remembered how much these forums helped me survive becoming a parent!

My ex (kids father) & I were together since I was 14 & split almost 3 years ago due to just growing apart (or me growing UP!!). We still have an okay relationship.

Just like to say HI to all & point me in the direction of most traffic as I'm up most nights waiting to do my girls BSLs at midnight *yawn* :-)

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Hi  I was diagnosed type 1 two years ago this week. It's a lot ot take in all at once. There are a few old threads around here which have lots of useful information, if you do a search.they are worth a read.


The mums over in the special needs section have always had great answers for me regarding school questions.


I'm also part of a diabetes forum, http://www.diabetes.co.uk/diabetes-forum/ which is usually quite busy, there is a parents section there too.

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Hi! I'm a returning member - haven't been around for a while! But I also have a 7 and 4 year old (also a bunch of others). My 16yo is a Type 1 diabetic too. He was diagnosed 3 years ago, so we're gettting pretty good at it. Holler if you have questions!

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Thank you & nice to meet you both. I am still a very tired single mother... usually have a red wine once I do her nightly insulin to calm the nerves... especially with an asshole ex.. but that's another story LOL

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We are fortunate that he is old enough to administer his own shots...and I know all about ex's - if you want to start a separate thread for that - I'm there:-)

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Welcome.gifMDC is a very supportive place. You might especially like our Single Parenting forum and our Health & Healing forums, but all of the forums are great, so poke around and see which discussions spark your interest.

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I'm sorry to hear about your LO's dx. I've been type I for 20 years now and I still remember those first weeks/months being very hard. I'm sure it's even worse when you're the parent. It does get easier in time though, I promise!

I go to tudiabetes.com and like their forums.
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hehe Iike that "a bunch of others"

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& thank you all, I'm still so tired. Finally get a break this weekend when my two are off to their fathers for the weekend. Apart from the sleep deprivation, I am ok, just grumpy LOL We have dropped her nightly shots so hoping she wont have so many lows of a night & we can start being sane again.

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