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Placenta Prints & some photos!

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I thought I'd share :)



Nova, shortly after arriving at the hospital.  Look how long the EMTs left her cord!

Nova, about 12 hours old after nursing.


About a day old here.


5 days old with big sister.  We were doing placenta prints at the time.






Here's DH's print, he got creative, lol.  I think it's pretty cool :)



And the print I did on a canvas.  It's supposed to look like an Autumn tree.  We plan on putting Nova's footprints on it too.  It's getting hung up in our living room!


We had a lot of fun doing the placenta printing.  My 4yo wasn't very interested but my 2yo enjoyed watching.  



And some revelations about my birth. warning, traumatic PPH & tmi.. yeah.

I also found out why I bled out after her birth- I had retained placental tissue.  The maternal side of my placenta had a big tear in it or a chunk missing.  I didn't notice this when I looked it over immediately after the birth because I was already losing blood and feeling sick.  About 2 hours postpartum,when I was finally able to slowly walk to the bathroom, I passed two big hunks that I assumed were blood clots.  I had some loose stool at the time (thanks, castor oil!) so I flushed and didn't show anyone though I did report it.  I'm pretty sure that was it.  If I had to guess, the precipitous birth caused it.  My body was contracting so hard and so frequently... I think my placenta was just violently ripped from me.  I have no signs of infection and my milk is sure in full force.. so I think I'm alright, though I will mention it to my midwife this week.

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What a beautiful baby you have! (And a beautiful toddler!)


The placenta prints are very neat. I l really like your autumn tree. That will be such a neat keepsake!

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beautiful  :)


and so glad you figured out the reason for pph!

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What a cool idea! What beautiful girls!

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The autumn tree is awesome smile.gif

Good to get to the bottom of the pph as well
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Thanks everyone joy.gif
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