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Let's talk about weight gain

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I'm 32 weeks today and I'm close to the 30 pound mark. :( I'm really depressed about it, especially because I don't feel like I'm eating poorly. At my last appointment, my doctor pointed out that I'd gained "a little extra" and I'm nervous for my next one (a week from today) because I've gained a lot more since then. I didn't gain any in the first trimester - in fact, I lost weight - so it seems like the bulk of it happened very rapidly. I also don't feel like I have extra fat on me, so I'm wondering if it's just water retention? I do feel like I'm having some swelling, so maybe that's it. I'm just scared what the next 8 weeks will bring... How much have you all gained, if you don't mind me asking?

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I'm embarrassed to say how much I've gained so far.  :(


Let's just say I gained 60 pounds with each of my last 3 and am totally on track to gain 60 again.

I can't help it, it just happens and I always lose it with nursing so I try not to stress over it.

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33 weeks tomorrow and I've gained about 22 lbs. I am really really proud of that as I've always struggled with weight. (Starting weight was 205 and I'm 5'3".)

As a pre-eclampsia survivor, I'd just say watch the trend. If you notice sudden weight gain, get your bp checked ASAP. With my son, I gained 15 lbs in one week around week 31-32 and was having swelling in my hands and face.

If your swelling is mostly in your feet and gets better with a good nights sleep, don't worry about it too much. The typical advice is to contact your doc if you gain 4lb or more in one week.

I hate that this is such a "thing." I was talking to a friend who gained 60lb and her midwife made a comment to her about her weight. I said, I have yet to meet a pregnant woman who is like, sitting in front of 2 dozen donuts every day and going "lets see how much damage I can do!!?? Hahaha!"

Anyway...sorry your doc was being judgy. Don't let his/her attitude stop you from asking questions though. When should you worry, what's "extra" mean, what are the risks, etc. don't just let that kind of comment go and then eat at you... (Totally what I always do. I need to take my own advice.)
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I gained 55+ with my first 2-and I stopped weighing myself a month ago at 45 lbs.
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Im 34 weeks tomorrow and have put on about 17kg. Most of that was in the second trimester. I only put on a couple of kilos in the first trimester and have slowed down a lot lately. Probably because of the diabetic diet.

The hospital where I get my care doesn't really worry too much about it though. They weighed me at my first visit and then the diabetes clinic has done my weight a couple of times but it's certainly not an every visit thing. I keep track at home because I'm interested but I think a bit of extra weight can only be good for making milk so I don't worry too much about it. Especially when I'm eating well.
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I gained 50lbs with my first, 45lbs with my second and so far I have gained 21lbs with this baby at 33 weeks.  I have tried really hard to keep the weight gain under control this time.  I fully admit the first two times I indulged a lot.  I also struggled to lose the weight after the first two kids.  This pregnancy has been physically so much easier with the smaller weight gain.  So much less pain overall.  I really think the weight gain thing is soooo individual.  You hear all kinds of stories about women gaining a lot and losing it quick. I wasn't able to lose it quick, it was actually really hard.  But you know, you are all just doing the best we can at the moment, and dont worry about the number on the scale, focus on being healthy.  So, if you feel good and are eating well, don't worry about the number.  And really, your hcp shouldn't either.  

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I don't own a scale, so I only ever know how much I have gained when I am at someone else's house and happen to think about weighing myself. I am 34 weeks today and haven't got a clue how much I weigh. But with my first one I gained about 20kg, with my second 22-24kg (not sure) and I have a feeling that I am right on track with this one too. I absolutely don't stress about it, bc I have always lost it all again breastfeeding.

Since I am not seeing any doctors and haven't during my last pregnancies either (except for the occasional U/S, I had one with DS, two with DD and two with this one) I also avoided any judgemental comments. This is the way my body makes babies and even if it didn't stress me with No1, by now I am totally relaxed about it.

And I absolutely agree with mama_y_sol:


But you know, you are all just doing the best we can at the moment, and dont worry about the number on the scale, focus on being healthy.  So, if you feel good and are eating well, don't worry about the number.  And really, your hcp shouldn't either.

And if the only reason you are NOT feeling good is because someone (your doc) tells you you have gained 'a little extra' - forget about it. people are different and it never should be your goal to fit into a statistical curve.


ETA: had to go to the pharmacy for some cough sirup this morning and took the opportunity to step on the scales and I have gained approx. 12-13kg so far (approx. 30 lbs) - which doesn't seem much compared to the other two. Last time I weighed myself was six weeks ago and I had gained about 10kg then.

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I'm 35 wks and I've gained 25 lbs....not bad.  Least amount of weight I've gained in all my pregnancies (if I remember correctly).  I've worked out like a fiend compared to previous pregnancies.  Still at the gym regularly (twice a week at CrossFit instead of 3x/week) plus I'm walking daily.  And I stick to my Paleo diet 80% of the time so I feel like I've earned only gaining 25 lbs so far.  :)


But in the last 6 weeks, I haven't gained a pound.  They didn't make much mention of it last time but I think next week they will probably want to check some things.  I've been at a steady weight since 29 weeks.  Baby movement is still really good though so I'm not worried and her heart rate is always right on target.  I often don't eat dinner though as the nausea keeps me from eating much so it's probably contributing too.  

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I'm 32 weeks and I have gained about 30lbs.   I am happy as can be.  I've never sweated the weight gain too much.  With my first I gained 60lbs, with the second 45lbs, and looks like this may be in the 35-40lb range unless I sit in front of 2 dozen donuts to see how much damage I can do winky.gif.  I have never had a problem getting the weight off and stressing over my weight, with all the other things in pregnancy to stress about, just is not high on my list.

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I am at 33 weeks and gained 34 lbs so far. This is my first pregnancy so I have no previous benchmark to validate against.

I dont really fuss over gaining weight coz i know, post delivery once i start running and biking again, i should be able to get the excess weight off. 


My mid-wife had never once mentioned anything abt my weight gain before.

Typically i have gained roughly 1 pound per week, but 2 weeks back we had a family get together and i had (tons of !!) my favourite desserts  ...ofcourse i put on 2 pounds in a week. And i was surprised when during my visit, the mid-wife pointed it out saying "you need to control your weight gain, walk half hr extra going forward" :(

although i agree that walking is good for me and trying to gain 1lb/week is ideal...i dont know what was the big deal if i gained 2 lbs once in a while! :(

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At 32w I've gained about 18 pds. I tend to eat a lot during the begining of the day with a heavy lunch and then almost nothing in the evening. And too many sweets.

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I'm 33 weeks and have gained about 30 pounds so far. With DS I gained 50 pounds by the end of my pregnancy and 6 months after he was born I'd lost it all AND 10 extra pounds. I looked like a walking skeleton and felt so unattractive. greensad.gif This time I plan on non-stop eating to combat how much weight I lose with breastfeeding a newborn!


I seem to average about 4 pounds a month and thankfully my midwife has never mentioned anything disparaging about my weight gain. I think it would make me feel awful!

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Oh gads I feel this.  I feel huge.  I started this pregnancy as heavy as I was the day DD was born (BEFORE the 7 pound child emerged). so even though I know I'm doing better this time (not as much ice cream, not as any bagels), its hard.  Its all going to my hips, which is bad for my pants choices, and I'm in the same starvin phase when I gained it all last time.  35 pounds last time, 15 pounds this time, so about 45 pounds difference.  I'm also not as far along as some of y'all, I'm in week 30.  The only consolation is that my food choices have been better, and I'm drinking more water.

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I'm 33 weeks and have gained about 36 pounds so far. My last 2 I gained about 50, so I won't be terribly shocked if I gain that much this time around. I don't necessarily look huge, but I sure feel it. I don't feel starving all the time yet... in fact I'm getting sick and tired of having to eat all the time to make sure I'm getting enough protein.
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Seriously, you ladies make me jealous. My MD/NFP said he'd like to see me gain 30-35. He didn't want me to try to get pregnant till I was between 110 and 115 lbs. I was 113.

Now, 34 weeks tomorrow.... Um, only at 121 lbs. Only gained 8 stinkin' pounds! shake.gif I did drop down to 107 with morning sickness, then got the family flu and dropped to 102. So from there, almost 20 but still.... And I plan to breast feed. Oy.

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I did not gain a single pound until 20 weeks or so. I actually lost weight (not from being sick, either!) and felt AWESOME until that middle ground. Slowly I've been gaining and am up about 20-25lbs or so and feel lumbering. I have never weighed this much before! I'm so unaware of my shape too, it's pretty hilarious to watch my normally clumsy self maneuver about. I'm just glad I haven't fallen on my bump yet.

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I'm similar to kparker. I gained absolutely no weight in the first and most of the second trimester. I'm 30 weeks now, and at my last appointment (28 weeks) I had gained about 19 pounds. My midwife was a little bit concerned because I had gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks, but I'm really not worried. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a skinny person with a giant belly attached. You can still see all of my ribs. So I just told her that if the rest of me starts to look fat we can worry. I feel like there's a big emphasis among care providers to make sure we don't gain too much weight, and I'm worried that it stresses people out and makes them not gain what's right for their baby. I think I was also slightly underweight (for me) when I got pregnant so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up gaining about 35 pounds, but like I said, I won't worry unless I think that baby and I are just putting on sugar weight. If it's all from healthy food, I'm not going to sweat it.

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I've gained about 5 pounds so far.  That being said, I lost some in the first tri and didn't gain any back until recently.  Also, I'm a (as my midwife said) 'women on the larger size' :)  So I started the Pregnancy at about 250.  My last pregnancy was the same.  The midwife also told me that many overweight women actually gain after the baby is born and have a hard time losing it through breastfeeding.  I so so so hope that isn't the case.  

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Originally Posted by katealicia View Post but like I said, I won't worry unless I think that baby and I are just putting on sugar weight. If it's all from healthy food, I'm not going to sweat it.

Exactly! People were telling me to drink milkshakes and eat burgers and pizza. Um, no. That's not even logical. If it's unhealthy for your normally, WHY would it be healthy for you and baby? Thankfully, my dr and MW agree with me. They're both vegetarian and stick figures anyway. Lol

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I also never start gaining weight until the second trimester, sometimes as late as 20 weeks.  I usually don't manage more than about 20 lbs. weight gain per pregnancy.  This time round, I'm nearly 32 weeks and have gained a little over 6 kg (almost 15 lbs.) so far.  I just eat what I like (generally healthy but I have a weakness for ice cream and chocolate!) in the amounts I want.  Unfortunately, I am drinking litres and litres a day and with my stomach squished down to the size of a walnut, this is rather killing my appetite. I can't help it though. My thirst is never sated!

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