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good website for a registry?

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I'm looking for a good website where I can register for cloth diapers. So far I've looked at Kelly's Closet and Nicki's Diapers and I haven't been too impressed with the selection on either site. Any suggestions?

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I'm bumping up your post. bump.gif Anyone have a recommendation to share?

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By Kelly's closet do u mean the used section on the site pinstripesandpolkadots.com? Or is it seperate? I had a registry at the former for my shower but it was all for nothing because nobody used it! Hopefully yours is used more than mine was...
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What about an amazon wish list or registry?
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I used myregistry.com it was great because I could choose anything from any site and it would go on the registry. I could choose to have the registry access with just my name and other available info or I could make a pass word for all guests to use. I really enjoyed it and got lots of great things from the registry. It allowed me to register from any site regardless of the registry they could provide or not. We used it almost 2 years ago but it would be worth looking into

Good Luck

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They are awesome, have a huge selection, are mom-owned and have free shipping on all orders! I swear i don't work for them I just order all the time :)

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