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I could use some tips for diapering a newborn

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I started CDing my first when he was 5 months old, so I don't really have any experience with diapering a newborn. When I first started, I ended up spending a lot of money on different diapers to figure out what I liked and didn't like. I'd really like to avoid doing that again. I already know I want to stick to prefolds and maybe a few fitteds, so I guess what I really need are suggestions for covers. I love thirsties and I'll definitely be getting some duos, but I'd love to try some other covers too. Does anyone have a particular wool cover that you love for newborns? 



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My favourites when the kids were tiny were the motherease. We started with the Velcro ones but switched to the airflows in the bigger size which I preferred. For us they were a good fit across the sizes, though I think the extra small are probably not needed for most babies. I also liked how fast they dry, I could rinse them out and hang them over the shower rail and they were ready to use again later in the day. I was not great at snappiing the prefolds so I rinsed them out a lot at first :lol

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tee he you must have kids way bigger than mine LH the XS ME airflows ate my kids  up.  those thing were giantic.. I loved my wool but had them custom done to fit my bitty one.



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I use pinned prefolds (GMD) and thirsties extra small. Ds can still fit in the XS covers, but not if I've pinned the diaper, only if I use a trifolded newborn prefold.

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DH sorry I totally forgot to anser your question.. For the bitty stage I liked the Bummi orginal wraps in NB but I have really bitty ones once they reached around 7lbs I liked the Bummi SWW and thirstie Duo wraps.. The XS thirsties didn't fit my LO till she was about 2 months.. ALso love wool soakers.

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For newborn we liked the Bummis Super Bright (they had the dip in the front for the belly button) and Super Whisper Wraps with the tiny little premie size Bummis prefolds.  Those little prefolds were very tiny, but still worked with my 9lb 7oz newborn for a while, then they worked as great doublers.  If you want to try any wool with a tiny baby, I would suggest getting a small wool wrap instead of the pull on type.

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rumparooz newborn cover was my favorite for the first couple months. It fit until at least 15 pounds. It has rise snaps so it can go really small in case you need it to. I was impressed at how long this cover worked for us. I only wish I had bought more than one. I used it with flats.

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I loved our Thirsties duos. Still using size one (with snaps) and DS is 9 weeks, almost 15 lbs. We used Thirsties size xsmall (velcro) for the first 2 weeks. I liked them better than the Bummies we had, but the sized Thirsties weren't my favorite. The Bummies were also too small for us. DS was 8lbs. 2 oz. and the Bummies were snug from the get go. But because we hadn't used cloth before, I wanted simple, and I was comfortable using just these two brands. I didn't want to try too many things, because we had something that worked pretty fool-proof. DS is a heavy wetter and these contain everything!

Now that DS is outgrowing his infant GMD prefolds, we ordered the next size up and will keep going with Thirsties duos in size two. I'm going to venture into wool for overnight, since he isn't pooping as frequently during the night, and is sleeping a bit longer. I didn't want to do wool earlier, since we were constantly changing him anyway.
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