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chicken pox treatments

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so my 6 month old was gnawing on her friends face and 2 days later her friend got chicken pox spots. I am expecting her to get chicken pox. Then I imagine my older girls will get them as well. What can I do? In the interim before spots appear and then after spots appear?



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Interesting post. Because so many kids are vaccinated from CP, I imagine our resources for how to care for them are dwindling. I don't have any suggestions for you other than to cross-post on the vaccines forum, maybe? And/or maybe check some of the pox party groups and see what those families have done for their LOs. 

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Hi Courtney! (Im in your ddc!)


Not much you can do except wait. Make sure to minimize sugar intake and id be giving tons of vitamn c to all the kids. IF they do get it (and they might not) you can treat homeopathically. There are a variety of remedies that can be used depending on the stage and the symptoms. There is not much to do other than try and keep the kids from scratching the pox (lots of oatmeal baths). I believe that treating the fever that may be associated with CP is dangerous. It is best to let the body do its job and not interfere.

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