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Finding Comfort Outside of Food?

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I tend to turn to eating for comfort. My family (parents, siblings) has a tough love approach, and aren't wired to be there in the ways that I need emotionally. My best friend has a hands-off attitude when it comes to problems; she's very clinical--great to talk to and hang out with, but not big on discussing problems. My husband has a lot on his plate right now, so I don't always feel good going to him when I feel down, have problems, etc. What are your resources when it comes to comfort? How do you take care of yourself? Where do you find comfort outside of other people? I'd love to hear any and all tactics. Thank you so much!

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Here are some random ideas that may or may not be things you have tried, but hopefully I can give you some ideas at least. And honestly I need to learn to take my own advice a little bit, but some of these suggestions are easier to talk about than to actually motivate myself to do.


- Broaden your social group. Its hard to expect one or even a couple of people to be able to meet all of your emotional needs. Humans are social creatures, even introverted people need social interaction and support. I have been trying to make myself join groups with people of similar interests (book club, game nights, hiking, etc) and although I haven't really "clicked" with anyone enough to become good friends, sometimes its really helpful just to get out and meet new people and have some fun.


- Find a new hobby. Maybe try something you never thought you would be interested in or good at, but try it just for fun. Knitting, roller derby, rock climbing, karate, swimming, kickball, a foreign language, photography, dancing, creative writing... whatever strikes your fancy and will keep you physically or mentally stimulated and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. 


- Meditation and/or yoga. Helps with mental well-being, even if you can't make it to a class doing a yoga DVD (or find a tree video online) or finding an audio guided meditation is enough to learn. I am trying to make a habit of waking up in the morning, stretching, and taking a few minutes to meditate/clear my mind before I start getting ready for my day. 


- Drink tea! Ok so this one probably seems silly, but as a way to cut down on my intake of sugary drinks (juice, soda) during the day and the alcoholic beverages I frequently drink in the evenings, I have been drinking a variety of tasty teas. Usually I drink them hot because I think they are more comforting that way, but sometimes I'll make a bigger batch and let it cool off and keep it in the fridge to drink it on ice. There are some that I really like without sweetening them at all so they are guilt-free and often full of all kinds of healthy antioxidants and such. I like that it gives me something to look forward to, like "ugh, I'm so stressed out but as soon as I get home I'm going to make myself a mug of Moroccan mint tea! Or maybe some Roobios chai! Hmm..."


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All of these comfort me.
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