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Small kindnesses for your partner - ideas?

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My guy has really been picking up my slack around the house as I battle fatigue and nausea - doing the dishes and laundry, making dinner, taking care of the plants, etc. Also, I've enjoyed hearing on the chat thread about the partners who are really shining for us pregnant ladies right now!


I want to do something small and nice for my partner to show him how much I appreciate him. Not a one-off thing, but I'm really wanting to do small, kind things on a regular basis. Things that don't require much energy and don't have anything to do with touching or smelling food.



What I did just now was change the sheets on the bed because it had been a while. redface.gif


Do you have any ideas for other small kindnesses?

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Hooray for wonderful partners!  joy.gif   I always end up feeling like I owe Dh big time too because he does so much when I am sick.

I agree that little things, like changing the sheets can be big.  Even little notes of appreciation left on the bathroom mirror can be really nice.  If there is a special drink he likes you could maybe pick of one those to leave in his car for when he goes to work.  (It's food but you don't have to really smell it or touch it.)  For me, it's also sometimes just sending him out with a guy friend to hang out.  I know I'm not a bunch of fun when I am fatigued and sick so I am sure it's nice for him to be around someone with a happier outlook (who also doesn't run to the bathroom or hide under a blanket at the smell of his perfectly acceptable food).

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I wrote DH a handwritten letter, letting him know I appreciate how great he is. But would love more ideas!
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How about leaving a love note in his lunchbox? Or picking up a case of his favorite beer and leave him to a few hours of sports (if that's his thing)? I bought my DH some salad dressing containers because he just finished his detox diet, and will be eating lots of salads this week. Not sure if that's as appreciated as football and beer. I guess it depends on the guy. Though mine would rather have the football and beer I think.

I agree, thoughtful partners are fantastic!
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I tell him how amazing he is, as often as I can. I think sometimes they like to just hear us praise them, especially in front of other people.

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I leave him little notes at his desk at home. I thank him about all the little and big things he does and I make sure he knows I really mean it, not just that sort of offhand thank you that is easy to give and forget. I make sure to catch his eye at dinner or when he is playing with DD or whatever and smile. I stop him and give him hugs/kisses or take his hand and give it a squeeze. I make sure to keep his favorite drinks cold in the fridge as he can't ever seem to remember to restock himself. I'll send him a random e-mail or text with something cool to share with him so he knows I'm thinking about him. That's all I can think of for now!
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