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Good Book About Pasturing Hogs?

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I'd like to raise mainly grass-fed pigs, and would like to read about it to make sure I haven't missed some important detail... 


Any good book recommendations?


How's this one? http://www.amazon.com/Storeys-Guide-Raising-Pigs-Edition/dp/1603424733/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348607126&sr=8-1&keywords=Storey%27s+Guide+to+Raising+Pigs


Thanks, folks! 

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The Storey Guides are usually awesome but they're not always fluent on more holistic measures.  That being said, I will never attempt to raise any kind of animal without one.


I would say: start with the Storey Guide no matter what.  It's going to give you a seriously well-rounded primer on raising the animal.  Then take that foundation to move on to other books that delve into more specific topics because they might discuss things that are basic knowledge to someone with experience raising the animals looking to take it to "the next level" (horrible to think that raising animals holistically is "the next level" :/ )


Hopefully this thread will amass you book recommendations to create the pile after the Storey Guide!

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Thanks!! I appreciate that. 

Now to find a book geared toward "the next level" as an addition... ;P 

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My DP and I raised pastured pigs for the first time last year.  We didn't have a book about it, though.  We bought three rolls of 100' fencing like this:  http://www.premier1supplies.com/fencing.php?mode=detail&fence_id=133


Then we got a charger for it like this:

http://www.wellscroft.com/catalog/index.html#/20/ it is the tan one on the right--with the solar panel on top.  


Basically you set up the fence, pound in a ground rod, and attach the clips.  That's IT.  Amazing.  The pigs totally respect the fencing.  We fed them some grain, lots of table scraps, garden gleanings.  We fenced them in an unused part of the garden, and they rooted all the weeds up and fertilized it like crazy.  We made a simple shelter out of pallets.  Our only real issue was watering...they are annoying about dumping their bucket.  We tried a pig nipple hooked up to a rain barrel, but they would knock it over.  So, more tweaking on that!  We plan to do this every year!  :)


If you have any more questions, let me know!

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Thanks so much! I will!!
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We are raising pastured Large Black hogs on our homestead.  We have them in electric fence with just two wires that we can rotate.  The two resources that have been amazing for us are:


Sugar Mountain Farm http://sugarmtnfarm.com/  This guy raises his pigs without any grain and has great resources 

Permies Forum http://www.permies.com/forums/f-61/pigs Really helpful farmers


Our pigs are getting a little grain this winter because we haven't built up our pastures yet and don't have access to whey yet.  However, we have been really encouraging them to eat hay.  We plan on getting some milk goats and making goat cheese and giving the pigs leftover whey.  I love being a pig farmer (rancher ?).  If you need anything, just PM me!

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I was just going to recommend Sugar Mountain Farm!  That website is a wealth of info, and the farmer seems very approachable.  Good luck - and from experience, don't grow too many pigs at once until you know what you're going to do with them, and that you have the capacity for slaughtering them.  Pigs grow fast!  And they love whey from goats' milk!  They do not like raw broccoli, and raw potatoes, onions or citrus fruit (at least ours didn't).  You can PM me if you want tips for small-scale slaughter if you don't have "proper" facilities for it.

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Rad! Thank you!
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