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Experience with Ectopic pregnancy?

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I'm in the hospital now because of a suspected ectopic pregnancy. I'm really unfamiliar with this, and I'm used to getting all my facts about birth and whatnot beforehand.  I just wanted to give a quick blurb about my situation to see if there's any advice, or if we're doing the right thing.


I'm about 3 weeks past ovulation.  I was charting and temping.  BFN on 14dpo and bleeding started the next day, so I assumed we were out for that cycle.  In hindsight AF was shorter than normal but still decently heavy.  Several days after my period completely ended I began to have uterine/low back cramps and sharp left ovary pain.....then almost fainted, then threw up, then started vaginal bleeding.   Went to ER, found out I was pregnant.  Couldn't find an embryo in my uterus or tubes.  Pain began to lessen.  Progesterone was low and hcg was just at 500 (low).  They kept me overnight, now 24hrs later just spotting dark brown blood with very very mild cramping.  Hcg only went up to 600 in about 15 hrs and progesterone is still too low.


The plan is to discharge me from the hospital tonight, come back in tomorrow morning for blood work and then discuss the possibility of methotrexate, since ectopic hasn't been ruled out.


I confused about the mention of a ruptured cyst causing the bleeding.


I know this is a lot of details, but I was just hoping someone who's btdt or knows about it, can say...."yeah, that sounds about right, looks like they're doing the right thing"  .....or maybe there's something I should ask about.  Thanks!

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I don't have any advice for you, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're going through all of this and I hope everything turns out okay for you.

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I had an eptopic pg between my first and second daughters. I can say that it all sounds about right. I believe I was a bit farther along so my tube ruptured and I had to have emergency surgery. I had the shot a couple days before, but it must have been too late. I definitely would choose the shot over surgery any day. Sorry for this situation, I know it is difficult.
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I guess my concern is what if this is just a burst cyst?  I don't want to abort unnecessarily.  The doctor said the hcg was low for this stage and it wasn't rising as quickly at he'd like but it went from 500 to 600 (or 650?  I can't quite remember) in 15 hours, and they said it just needs to be doubling every 48hrs, so technically it sounds like that would count at being in that range, but the doctor seemed disappointed with that number.  I think if he absolutely can't rule out ectopic, they'll want me to take the drug.


 ...but if it was ectopic, why did the pain (and the vomiting & feeling faint) stop?  If it was ectopic, wouldn't the pain just keep getting worse?  I know I'll ask my doctor this afternoon, but I like to do my own research first.  I just fear that they want to push the drug for liability's sake.  ...but maybe not.  I really don't know.

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Well, you are absolutely right to make them keep checking. I made them test my numbers for almost a week. I didn't have pain until my tube ruptured, but I guess everyone can be different. Just ask to check more than once for your hcg levels. You have to do what feels right to you. I also didn't have any of the vomiting etc. I was just bleeding off and on for a few weeks.
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Hugs Mama!!  Update us on how you are doıng hug2.gif

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Originally Posted by GuavaGirl View Post


Couldn't find an embryo in my uterus or tubes.


 It is possible for an embryo to implant outside the uterus and tubes. Rarely, an ectopic pregnancy implants in the woman’s abdomen, on the outside of the uterus, on an ovary or in the cervix.


When your pelvic pain subsided did you have any pain in your shoulder?


When I had my ectopic I had the same vomiting and passing out as you described as well as the vaginal bleeding. When my pain subsided I had a little pain in my shoulder. They took me in for emergency surgery because my tube had ruptured so no more pain in the pelvis but I had internal bleeding which a pain in the shoulder is apparently a symptom of.


Is there an update? I realize I am a little late to this thread.

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