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help with Divacup

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Tried my new Diva Cup twice (last night and today) and both times, some time after inserting (last night while I was sleeping or this afternoon after it was in for an hour or so), it has migrated up so that I can't reach it to remove easily. In fact, I could only touch the tip of the stem with my finger. This morning I freaked until I read that suggested a bowel movement could sometimes be helpful in using the muscles needed bringing the cup back down. This afternoon I kind of used the same kind of pushing motion so that I was able to grasp the end. 


Is this normal? Is it supposed to move around? Is that just how you are supposed to get it to within reach? It wasn't so high up after I inserted it...there was enough stem to grasp but it wasn't poking and was fairly comfortable.  I wasn't getting any leakage so I thought I had it in a good position. Maybe not? 

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My Diva Cup migrates up too.  It fits well, is comfortable, and doesn't leak.  However, when I go to remove it I have to do a few "birth pushes" to get it to a spot where I can reach. 

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If it was any lower you'd feel it inside.


I just sit and do PC muscle pushes and grasp bottom of mine. I don't have a diva I have a ladycup, but they are very similar to eachother.

I've gotten to where I can insert it in the shower, but I doubt i'd be able to remove without a squat ;)


I assume you used tampons before? I didn't use them until I was much older (turns out I had hymen from hell anyway) - like 20 or 21....and I used OB with applicator and they expand sideways vs lengthwise. I tried using tampax etc once and they expand lengthwise....so much so that I could pop them out completely without touching them o_O


TMI for me even, but after I had my kids, 2nd one especially....I was passing clots, big ones, quite a lot....it's leveled out now, but even 2 years after i'd sit and have cramps where I would see spots and feel woozy like I was going to pass out. Every bit as bad as labor pains (says woman who had 9.5 and 11lb babies with a midwife and no drugs). I used tampons a few times back then and OMFG.....it would hurt so bad because my body was fighting against them, and they wouldn't absorbed when blocked. ugh, a mess.

LOVE the cup....love I can leave it in longer periods of time....when I start slowing down i'll pull it out in the morning and toss into my stall shower and get in and clean it in the shower before re-inserting it. and love the fact my body isn't fighting against it.....


Only non-love I had was i traveled an awful lot, about a week out of every month, sometimes longer....for the last 2+ years so a few times I LEFT it in my main destination (I had a bag of full sized stuff and odds and ends so I didn't need to schlepp) and needed it, or was in my suitcase since i'd generally leave a bag of things that went back and forth IN the suitcase....etc.

I def needed more than one! :)

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I agree with rnra - I have to do a couple "clenches" or "pushes" to get mine where I can reach it. 

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It sounds like you've gotten a lot of good advice already, but I'm paging TracyGladRags (the owner of GladRags) just in case she can tell you anything helpful!

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Okay, funny story: I gave a Moon Cup to my friend and neighbor about a year ago. I told her to just come by if she had any questions and I'd be happy to talk her through them. Fast forward a few days.... there is a frantic knocking at my door, I open up, and she whispers "TRACY! I think my vagina ate my Moon Cup!" twins.gif


Moral of the story: you are not alone! The cup migrates upwards for a lot of people. The Diva Cup has a really short stem, which can make it more difficult to reach than other cups, but it physically can't get lost up there (your cervix will stop it). Pushing helps, as does squatting (this shortens the vaginal canal). Best tip is to stay calm!


Congrats on making the switch to a menstrual cup! Woohoo! joy.gif

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Thanks everyone for their comments. I have to say I quite liked using the cup...except for the little freak out about the disappearing stem. I didn't have any problems with leakage or comfort. I will definitely try again next cycle and not worry so much. I'm sure being relaxed helps too. 


TracyGladRags - which cups have longer stems? perhaps I can ask DH to pick one up when he's in the US on a business trip. I'm in Canada and I believe that I can only get the Diva cup here. 



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The Moon Cup & Keeper have the longest stems. The Moon Cup is more similar to the DivaCup (made of the same material -- medical-grade silicone) and the Keeper is made of natural gum rubber/latex. The Lunette also has a longer stem than the Diva.


Definitely keep trying, though! Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing that what's happening is normal :)

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Now another question....I pinched a piece off the end off the stem of the Diva Cup the last time I used it and was trying to remove it.  It's a small piece...maybe 2-3 mm off a side. Can I still use it or should I replace it? 

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Hmm.. I'd be careful, just because the cup shouldn't be able to be pinched off. It might be worth replacing it just in case!

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