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8 Week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 5.0 (enrolling thru 10/10, starts 10/8) - Page 9

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  8-Oct 15-Oct  
Name Week 1 Week 2 loss
briannas auntie 276 276 0
crazy cat lady 237 240 -3
dmitrizmom 167.8 167.8 0
graciennsmommie 270    
katmtb 155 152 3
MamaLeslie 165 164 1
MarieP 129 128.2 0.8
tealsmith83 143.5 143 0.5
tillymonster 219.4 220.4 -1
Valid28 156.6 154.6 2
Amandamarie 210.5 210.5 0
AmandaT 169.5 166 3.5
C is for Cookie 154.8 153.2 1.6
diana_of_the_dunes 161 161 0
incorrigible 242.6 243.4 -0.8
IsaFrench 162 160 2
JoyFilled 189 188 1
lilacvioletiris 248.2 245.4 2.8
maciasci 151 150.5 0.5
marymom 140    
nobodymove 134.6 132 2.6
tropicana 150 149 1


Sorry for falling down on the job.  I'm subbing for my boss this week and teaching her load on top of my own is challenging.

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... should have guessed it = had my last hospital treatment on Tuesday and have been feeling ravenous at night since ... am hoping i'm not going to loose and regain the same 2 lb all throughout this challenge !!!

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244.4 pounds for me this week! 

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127.0 for me this week! 

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I am at 161 this a.m.! That's more like it...
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159.5!  Squee!!  I'm below 160!!

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142.5  for me this time.  Down another .5!  ROTFLMAO.gif

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153.2 for me this week.

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Monday weigh-in: 151.6! biggrinbounce.gif


I have been sick all this weekend and didn't exercise at all. I have been on a liquid diet since Friday since I couldn't keep anything down. I am now well and will be back on my low carb diet (and exercising). thumb.gif

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Oops! 133.2. This was one weird week and a busy one too. Also didn't exercise like I usually do due to a hurt knee. Knee is feeling better so NO excuses! 

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i lost a lbs after trying just that little bit harder. and will try harder again this coming week i am now 239 i hope next week goes even better. i have been trying a low carb diet and done a bit of brisk walking. x

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208.5  smile.gif  Finally below 210!


Exercise plan this week


Mon- walking

Tues-  1 hr. hockey/walking

Wed- 1 hr. hockey class, 1/2 hour power skating

Thurs- Walking

Fri- No league game, may play pick up hockey instead.

Sat- Family day

Sun- 1 hour hockey class

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still 152.... kind of frustrating... BUT, this week was my birthday and the 4 year old just had to have cake -- it wasn't me, I swear :) Anyway, the cake is gone now and I'm hoping that the nice weather this week will encourage me to get moving!

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I went for a "run" on Saturday, but my legs are so sore today! I did about 40 minutes of fairly brisk walking, but not as brisk as when my muscles don't feel like achy rubber... I'm going to try running again tomorrow.

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167.8 for the third week in a row.  I need to start watching my points again. This week is going to be ... a challenge.  MUST. EXERCISE. SELF. RESTRAINT.

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This coming weekend will be really tough on me. DS's birthday party is this Sunday and I am baking his cake (temptation to lick the batter). Hopefully, I don't give in and eat 4 cupcakes and a pint of ice cream. lol. yummy.gif


Anyways, I am going to try out a U-Jam fitness class tonight. That should get me sweating.

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This week is kind of a meaningless number, though. =/ I'm both very constipated AND retaining water for AF to start soon. I should start showing some nice losses next week and on, I think.

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Sorry for the late weight-in!


Weight: 214.8lbs joy.gif


Started the Harcombe Diet Phase 1 yesterday... doing REALLY well so far. I have only done this one day and OMG I already lost almost 5 pounds... crazy. I did prepare really well this time and doing it with my sister. A little healthy challenge always puts my butt in gear!

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I lost 1 pound this week.  I am now 175 lbs.joy.gif


Haven't eaten all that great lately, due to my gastroparesis acting up in the evening, but still getting enough protein through supplements.  I exercised yesterday by wheeling around town in the rain.  Thank God for ponchos! thumb.gif 

I have also felt bloated a lot due to AF not stoping.  I am on day 7 now and still no sign of it letting up.  UGH!

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