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NICU tour?

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So, I am hoping to go to full term with these babies and not need to go to the nicu at all. But, the hospital I will go to if everything is great and past 36 weeks doesnt have an official nicu and I have delivered there twice so I dont need a tour. Should I take a tour of the hospital that I may possibly give birth at but hopefully not?  If so, is it appropriate to ask to see the nicu? It seems like it would be a really hard thing for me to do, but it also seems like it would be really hard if I had never seen it and then for some reason my babies had to go there. 


Is this even something that is allowed? 

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As far as I know, most hospitals offer tours of only the birthing and postpartum rooms. The NICU might be a hard place to tour, but it would be worth contacting someone at the hospital to see what your options are. They might have a digital slideshow of pictures they could share with you. Try contacting the manager of perinatal education.


Good luck!

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So, I called and they did schedule a tour for me. They continue doing tours even during flu season, but no children can be with me. So, Ill update after the tour in a couple of weeks. 

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I think it's a really good idea. I will keep everything crossed you don't need it, but on the small chance you do, I think it will be much less scary and overwhelming if you at least know what it look like etc.

Also, it will give you a chance to Find out what you might need to put in a care plan or consent form. smile.gif
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Wait, what is a care plan/consent form? Am I supposed to be making some kind of post-birth plan for them in case they go to the NICU? Did you have one?

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Just to update, I wanted to let anyone who was reading this know that we did wind up having to spend time in the NICU. A spent 7 days, and B 10. Im really glad we did the tour and I highly recommend anyone who thinks that they might go early to go check out their NICU. It's a lot less jarring if you've been in there before. 

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