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Is anyone planning anything special for the new big brothers or sisters????

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I have been thinking about ways to help DS (2.5) ease into the huge change that's about to happen....I think he will cope well, he is very excited.  I am a bit worried about all the attention the new baby will get, its a pretty big change since he's the center of the universe here :)


I am thinking of having a gift for him from the baby and having DH bring him to get the baby a gift soon after s/he is born.

And asking visitors to pay some attention to him first, before baby. Maybe even have HIM introduce the baby to the visitors.


I read an idea about having a "meet the big brother party " instead of a "meet the new baby party"...cake, balloons and small gifts for him.


Anyone have any other ideas or thoughts???

I bet there are a few of us 2nd time mammas who could use it!!!!

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I'm wondering the same thing as my daughter is 2 yrs 4 months when the baby gets here. I've talked about the baby brother but I don't think she "gets" it. Making a big deal out of the sibling's new status as "big" sounds like a good idea though. My 8 year old's birthday is Nov 6, I don't think we can do his normal party thing but he really wants a nintendo 3DS in the worst way and he knows as DH is unemployeed it's not likely to be the usual big Christmas this year- I might surprise him with the game.

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Good question! I got my son an "I'm a big brother" t-shirt, which is cute and all, but I wanted to get him a gift that is more interesting to him as well. I ran across this idea the other day for making a rocket jet pack - a fun, cheap project. At three, he is really into such things right now, so I may make this for him and call it a present from the baby. :) Who knows...it could even double for his Halloween costume!



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Definitely a good question - I like all the ideas.


So far I've got planned

- a few post baby gifts - books or activities that he and I can do quietly while I'm nursing or while baby is sleeping

- got some fabric paint and he painted his own big brother shirt to wear

- got a journal that I will put "brother" things in (tracing his hand and the baby's hand, adding details about their relationship as they grow etc, special pictures)

- I picked up a book about being a big brother

- saw an idea somewhere to have the baby not be in MY arms when he first sees him so he doesn't feel replaced - if it works out I'm going to try that

- bake the birthday cupcakes together


We'll see how it goes!

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Great thread.

Springmum: I love the idea of keeping a journal of brother things. I think I'll do that with sister things. The decorate your own t-shirt is great too!

My DD is 3.5 and totally gets it - or at least she thinks she does. I'm sure she has no clue what it will truly be like with baby here. But she is very excited and has already made a few cards and such for her sister, all her own idea. I'll def be saving those!

I did buy a couple toys and wrap them up. They are things that she will be excited about and that she should be able to be occupied by for good amounts of time (a box of 400 legos - her first legos, and a set of tinkerbelle fairies - she adores playing make believe with them at her friend's house).

I have all the things to make and decorate a birthday cake. That is something I want my doula to maybe do with her while I'm in labor - but if labor is fast or at night it is something she can do with daddy in one of the days following.

I will say - DD *is* concerned about baby taking her attention. So I do think I will be mentioning that to visitors befoe they come. Unfotunately, she got the idea planted in her head from a book about being a big sister. When she starts thinking about that, she says she wants the baby to stay in my tummy forever.

I think we are going to play up the helper role. Like let her pick out baby's clothes or socks or something. My friend's 2 month old always has mismatched socks on bc his 3 yr old sister is in charge of picking them out. It's sweet.

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I have 3 older ones so each Im handling a bit differently and a bit the same..
Im making "big sister" "big brother" shirts for them to wear to the hospital. Im putting together small bags of activities for them to have for when hubby goes back to work and they need some distraction..
My oldest (5yo) I helped her make an outfit for the baby and a small stuffed animal. She is "responsible" for making sure Dh picks me up something to eat on the way back to the hospital.

My middle and oldest made a knot blanket for the baby (my middle is 3 almost 4).. She is responsible for updating the sign and helping hang it after the baby is born.

My youngest (20 months almost) will be the first to "meet" the baby and gets to show her off to his siblings..

Each child will end up with a "job" to do when the baby gets home.. My oldest and middle will rotate between choosing outfits out and bringing me diaper/wipes for the baby.. The youngest one is probably going to be in "charge" of bringing me blankets when needed..

Basically Ive tried to make each one feel special and needed but at the same time cater to the fact that they are three different children at three different ages/ability levels.

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HEather, I love how your little rituals will really pull the kids together in the transition period. 


I haven't ever really done gifts or such, and I've only had one child who felt displaced; she is my sensitive child and was going from baby to middle.  I just made sure to never put her off--if I was nrusing I pulled her up beside me and we would rock baby together.  I tried really hard to help her feel loved and needed.  Dh also stepped in and took her on little daddy dates, ect.  It really helped. 

I've always thought that sibling placement is interesting--my oldest daughter, the displaced baby above, is as I said sensitive and tends to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.  my second daughter, third child, thinks she owns the world and all are here to do her bidding.  If she had been first, she would have completely dwarfed her older sister.  As it is big sis can usually hold her own because of the age difference--it is beautiful to me how we all complete the familial puzzle.  And each time we've added one, it has only made it more complete.  I am so excited to see what personality we will be given this time! 

My now youngest is a very balanced kiddo and is so into daddy; I think that will help alot in the days to come.  Going from one to two and such seems a more difficult tranisition.  However, my oldest didn't really struggle with it at all.  I think personalities play a large part. 

I made and froze cupcakes that we will have to celebrate baby's arrival.  We are gf/cf and it was just easier to make them ahead.  Although, DH is pretty expert in the baking dept...

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