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Hi, i'm new

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Need advice on water retention after birth.


My baby boy is now 4 months old and ever since had him via emegency C-section because he was 2 weeks late i have been unable to shift all the water retention in my lower legs and feet, they look horrible and hurt all the time, i am unable to go out walking with my baby for some gentle exercise as the more i do the bigger and more painfull they get, i have been to the doctors twice and have been told that it is fat, i know that it is water retention as when you press on the skin it leaves an indentation, the last doctor has given me some water tablets to see if thats helps. please if anyone can help me and give me some tips and advice  i would so greatfull. xxx

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Welcome.gifWelcome to MDC and congratulations on your new baby! I see you've found our Birth and Beyond forum and I hope that someone will be able to respond to your post there with some good advice. In the meantime, I'm sending hope that you will feel better soon.

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Welcome jennieb12! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you become a regular member! Let us know if you have any questions or need some help finding your way around the site. Be sure to check out our Welcome to Mothering: Forum Basics page that will answer most questions and help you learn how to use features we have here. Most of all - have fun and enjoy the discussions! love.gif

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