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Tricare: Home Births, Midwives & Doulas

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I understand this is not a site about "politics", but another "mothering" blogger referred to this site. I'm curious to learn more about the Tricare coverage/policy regarding home births, midwives and doulas.


I am currently stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England. Currently, Tricare covers home births and out-of-hospital births with a midwife, however, I hear change is coming... I understand it is not this way in the U.S. I also understand that Tricare does not cover doulas. The system is a bit backwards don't you think? For a low-risk pregnancy, a midwife AND out-of-hospital birth are less expensive than a hospital birth with an OB. It's also safer, yes safer with better outcomes! Studies to prove! This means less medical interventions and drugs which in turn equals $$$$. Finally, Tricare will cover the cost of an epidural at $1200-$1500 a pop, but not a doula for around $500? Please tell me more, those of you that have experienced this dilemma. Who can I talk with/write to change this policy? Thanks! ♥  

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i believe that tricare follows for the most part the medicare coverage list and it is very frustrating in many departments, not just OBGYN. For instance i was struggling with muscle spasms that we did not know the cause, they would pay for MRIs and orthopedic specialists and a ton of other things, but when i figured out that very targeted trigger point massage seem to be the one thing that was working, they would not in a million years pay for that. so they spent probably 4-6,000 of tax payers dollars to never really fix an issue that a $60 a week therapist could have taken care of in maybe 2 months.


as to who to talk to to fix it? you probably need to change medicare policy. Your congress person would be your contact point.

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My homebirth cost me $1000  in the US that would save them a ton of money but I had to pay out of pocket :(    It was worth it for sure but I know a lot of people who choose to go to the hospital just so they don't have to pay.      CRAZY

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