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Dh and I on verge of separation over night waking 8 mo LONG - Page 2

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oh wow- I hope things get much better for you soon

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Oh, no. I hope you are getting some help, and some sleep.


I had two reflux babies, one who never slept more than 20-60 minutes at a time. NEVER. She was up every 20-60 minutes all night long, every single night, UNTIL she out grew her reflux at which point she began to sleep all night long, every night. It was that dramatic. She was not medicated and she was suffering, but I didn't know that then.


When I had my second reflux baby I put him on medication (I hated to do it but he was in PAIN) and he improved. Some reflux babies really are in that much pain that they just cannot sleep. Prevacid is the drug that helped my son.


I hope you're okay.

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Dear Doulawoman,


I feel you more than ever, your posts gives me goosebumps....bc I can relate so much. I know it feels SO dark right now, but take a deep breathe, and take it one day at a time, or even one hour at a time. My husband  and I seperated 5 days after coming home from the hospital with our son, who was in the NICU for 70 days. I went to live at my parent's, had no money, was filing for divorce, was exhausted beyond beleif, thinking WTF? How in the world did I end up here? I am a good person and a good mother, as it seems you are too.


The good news.....things got better in time....but it took a lot of time and things are far from perfect. Parenting changes us, and it changes our relationships. My husband and I are together and most days enjoy each other very much :)

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Originally Posted by doulawoman View Post

Yes, I am walking the baby to sleep, and it takes me at least 1/2 hour to fall back to sleep.
Even when dh takes ds I am awake through his turn because of the screaming. I dob't want medical advice he has a pediatrician, and we are working on the reflux as best we can. He never liked baby swings and at 8 months he could get intO dangerous positions he's very squirmy and strong. We do have his mattress raised. Even in the times when the reflux is much better he wakes for other reasons.
I do put him down and leave the room but he screams and whines all day so I can't really be doing that all say and night. I know what I need -breaks and sleep, just not how to get it


I was giving you suggestions that you asked for. Perhaps they weren't helpful in your particular situation but there is no need to be rude about it. I think it might boil down to your only options to change your situation being options that you don't want. Again, probably not what you want to hear but there it is.

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Sorry to hear your update. Hope you're all right.
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So sorry about your situation! No real advice just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and hope you can mend your relationship with your DH:( and get some sleep!!!
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I'm in a serious situation and will be going to the shelter. There's a lot I really can't write on here and really didn't know until now. He has been charged and by the nature if it I won't be repairing my relationship. Please be thinking of me everyone, and please be understanding and know pp I was not at all trying to be rude, just describing my situation on do little sleep. I don't think I can post anymore.
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I have been following your story.  I hope you and your children are in a safe place where you can heal. You are a strong and resourceful woman. Life can be so hard when you feel like the world is a dark and hopeless place.  I will keep you and your children in my thoughts and prayers.

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oh gosh. stay safe.

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stay safe! I hope some really good people come forward into your life and give you some help in your time of need and help you get through this to a better place. best of luck to you.

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Just wanted to let anyone who was following this know that things are still hard but are better. We are out if the shelter, have my own place with the kids, I am learning how to work things out as a single mother. Ds's reflux disappeared almost immediately upon separation. There's still do much else going on including a lot if court stuff but we are safe and ok and I have a few good support people.
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