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Any June 2013 babies and Mamas yet??

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I'll be due June 3rd, if we can get this baby to be sticky. Anyone else with a June DD yet?

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Hey, just figured out I am pregnant with #3. iPad app said I am due May 31 but last two were 1-2 weeks late so I am going with June. After I peed on the stick I started feeling nauseated. Not sure if its real or a mental think.lol.   

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Hubby took me to Stir Crazy tonight for my birthday, then we put the leftovers in the van and did something else for a while. When I went to get back in the van, I gagged and gagged at the smell of the garlic and onions - yet I'm craving onions, especially raw, like a freaking crazy person. Who craves onions, pregnant or not??? Rofl!
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I'm due June 3rd too. :)

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Presuming all goes well, I am due June 5th.
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I am still waiting for the "official" seal of approval from a test- or to find out I am not... but if I am then I will be due late June (hoping for early July to have a post date baby- insane I know, but I haven't had a full term pregnancy yet and hoping this one cooks all the way or stays for a visit earthside. :-)


Completely unexpected but welcomed if I am. I am 17DPO - haven't gotten a "clear" positive on a test yet but have other wild signs like aversions, boob tenderness, peeing all the TIME even getting up at night to go, feel like I have a mild fever (if that makes sense), none of the usual pre AF constipation, sleepy, craving intimate relations with DH Sheepish.gif, sense of happiness (and my life is chaotic right now), tingly in the pelvic area, are just some of the things going on.

Waiting waiting.. If I am hoping for another earthside child, and wishing I don't have another womb angel.


The whole thing of IF I am, this idea of us surrendering and trusting our bodies when there is this whole mental yo-you when we think we are- seems ironic to me dizzy.gif


Anyway I am trying to be patient and trust my inner knowing, even if outside measures are not reflecting what I know to be true within (I am carrying an emerging energy/life.)  dust.gif


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Amlikam-I totally hear you. I don't get my + til 6 weeks, so I have about another 9 days to go. But I know my body like very few people, this is my 7th pregnancy, and and I have never been wrong. But the whole world revolves around that positive test. It drives me crazy.
How many angels do you have? I have 5 angels and 2 earth babies. I really need a sticky baby for my sanity this time. All 5 have been in a row, with the second one having a surviving twin. He just turned 18 months yesterday.
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Yes! We are expecting #2 before or after June 5!!
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I had 3 angels ive been able to "verify" and one earth angel who is 4.

The journey is tumultuous at times but i feel blessed to Believe there is a good chance for another.

I think the most fustrating part is my friends all say to me "yeah i'm always sure I'm pregnant each month too." which reads to me: without the positive I don't believe you. granted they are right I do feel pregnant a lot but usually I get AF the net day. I am still 4 days late this cycle. Though I though this Morning I was starting AF and it was just gush of egg white type fluids.

I here you on the sticky! :-) I have decided to trust for me if this is a womb angel that my initial wait to April was a good sign. My DH thinks it is a ploy to balance the capricorn to cancer ratio. ;-) Thankful that this time opened up conversation for my DH to be fully on board with the idea
Of one more!!!!

Seriously though 1/2 the fun is trying so I am hoping to enjoy the intamacy instead of fixate on the "let's do it now". I really wish I had known how hard having babies would be. :-/ it is both a fun and challenging time.
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I got my faint positive the day before yesterday, the expected day of my period. Today I got a strong positive. I knew I was pregnant because my pee smelled weird, of all things! And I was just feeling familiarly "different." But actually, I knew the second we DTD (we can't say the s word here, right?) that I would become pregnant. It was an accident, but I'm fortunate to have a happy partnership and the sweetest daughter imaginable, so I want to celebrate this change in plans! Guess date (based on date of conception) is June 7. Congrats and best wishes to everyone!

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Yes! I got a faint BFP yesterday, and the due date is around June 10.  So exciting! 

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Yay for all the new BFPs!! Big Congratulations!


Ok, I know I'm hormonal, but I'm crying over X Factor auditions...hey, Willie Jones was really THAT good, guys, ok??? ROTFLMAO.gif

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BTW, we need our own Group soon!

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I had a BFP and my due date should be June 4th. So yes, I am pregnant. Worried today though because I am having cramps that feel like a period is coming. The whole area just feels crampy, but it's not awful like where you want Advil. This happened last time I miscarried. :( I had cramps then like a week later I started bleeding. :( I had errands to run tonight but I decided to put myself on "couch rest."


Has anyone had these kinds of cramps (though they are not awful, just noticable) and ended up keeping the baby? I am worried. Thanks, and hoping to not bring everyone down. Congrats to all!!!!! :)

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Oh, I was crying over X Factor audtiions too!!!! Too funny! :)  Best of luck to you! Hoping the best for both of us.

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Yep! FF.com says edd is 5/31. But I'm guessing it will be June, not May. Congratulations to everyone!
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Hi all!  I've known for 5 days that I'm pregnant and the line keeps getting darker on my cheap test strips.  smile.gif  I started noticing being extra emotional yesterday.  No fatigue or nausea yet.  I know it's coming in a couple of weeks.  My sense of smell is already heightened. 


My EDD is June 8th.  This is baby #5 for us. I'm still nursing my daughter who is 17 months old.  I already told the kids and they are sooo excited!  I loved their reactions!  My 6 year old said, "I've been praying for a baby!" with a gigantic grin on his face.  My 7 year old who would never admit to being excited about another baby, got the cutest smile and blushed.  He said "I think it's a good time to look for names on the internet."  LOL!


I can't wait for our DDC group!  I don't want to start it though because I travel a lot and wouldn't be able to give it attention frequently.  (I don't think there is much to give attention to except maintaining a list of members and list of births in May/June/July!)

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Is anyone having symptoms yet? Me, I am sooo tired. By 5pm I am done. (Sadly, dinner still has to happen and get cleaned up after. Ah well.) No nausea yet though--I am not looking forward to that.
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PS, I just applied for a June 2013 DDC. We will need at least one more leader. Any volunteers?
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So I am 11 days late and my my hubby got a vasectomy 2 years ago( apparently never went to get his sperm count checked though) all 4 tests I have taken come up negative but I am showing other signs of being PG. So... I may be PG and if I am I then I would be due June 3rdish.

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