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Hey All, we have a group now! Look over under groups. smile.gif
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Going to check out the group, but wanted to say I am offically official. <3 Late May/Early June. EEEEEEEEEEEE

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Hi there, everyone!  I'm due 5/31 but was over 2 weeks last with DS, so expect to be a June 2013 mama.  :)


As for symptoms so far: feeling a pinch warm, have to pee all the time, have lost weight but pants are tighter already, hungry ALL DAY LONG and need to eat every 3 hours or so else I start to feel iffy, and working out is leaving me WINDED.  Oh, and I keep picking silly fights with DH, is that a symptom?  Poor DH, he doesn't know what hit him!

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I just tested yesterday and got a positive and by my calculations my EDD should be June 12.  This will be #5 for us our 4th dd is 8 so this has been a long wait.  There are 18 months between each of my 4 girls. We are hoping for a boy this time to at least have one of each, but for some reason I think this will be another girl.  Maybe because I cant picture myself having a boy?  Anyway looking forward to the next nine months on mothering.



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I got a super surprise positive today! We weren't planning to try until January and in fact I have an IUD that was supposed to be removed today. I was late(although still nursing my 2 yr old, so some months have been off anyway..) and decided to test before going to get the IUD out... and low and behold.. It took us a year and a half to conceive my son so it seems so crazy that it happened so fluke and while I was on the most reliable form of birth control!! Must be a sign, right?


Which means my due date should be June 2. :)

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Hi gurls! Just found out I'm preggo with #1 based on my last period I would be due june 10 2013...have doc appt in the am so will find out for sure.... I'm praying for a H&H 9 months and good luck to the ones that are trying....
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I can't believe I'm typing this, but I am pregnant! Got a faint positive yesterday, and then did a FRER and a CBE this morning with clear BFP! Wow . . . it was the cycle I was least hopeful about, and I suppose that's when these things happen sometimes! Anyway, my due date will be June 15th, 2013 if all goes well. Come on sticky bean! Congratulations, everyone!!

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Originally Posted by bobcat View Post

I had a BFP and my due date should be June 4th. So yes, I am pregnant. Worried today though because I am having cramps that feel like a period is coming. The whole area just feels crampy, but it's not awful like where you want Advil. This happened last time I miscarried. :( I had cramps then like a week later I started bleeding. :( I had errands to run tonight but I decided to put myself on "couch rest."


Has anyone had these kinds of cramps (though they are not awful, just noticable) and ended up keeping the baby? I am worried. Thanks, and hoping to not bring everyone down. Congrats to all!!!!! :)

Hi Bobcat, and congratulations!! Just wanted to let you know that early-pregnancy cramps are completely normal. I'm 4 weeks, 5 days along now and I've had cramps for the last few days. I worried a little bit, but not really because I seem to remember getting them with my first pregnancy too (and that pregnancy was perfectly healthy). Anyhow I read a LOT of women saying that they have cramps in early pregnancy, and experts confirm this symptom as well. Try not to worry!

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Got my BFP yesterday morning and I have to admit I was SHOCKED!! I really really thought I was going to start my period, and was only 3 days late. When I dropped the pee into the test well, I saw the control line appear and thought "I know it's going to be a negative. It always is." And then as I began watching, that second line showed up and I started exhaling "Oh my god... oh my god!!" My 3 year old daughter asked, "What you do, mommy?" And I said, "Well I've got a baby in my belly!!" And she said "Mommy have baby in a belly?" And I said yes, and she replied "Maya have a baby, too!" Lol, it was fantastic.


Recovered from the shock, and now I'm just excited. EDD is June 9th! Off to join the group!! <3

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Another member of the June 2013 club here!  Due date June 29 or 30.  I'll look for the due date club that was formed, I just checked and didn't see it but I'm brand new to the site and still learning how to navigate it. Looking forward to getting to know everybody!

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I'm pregnant! Due June 7th my ds birthday is June 8th. Maybe we will have a party!

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June 22nd! Just saw baby for the first time, very excited!

Can I use any more exclamation points? Maybe!

I'm someone who never thought they'd want children and did a 360 this summer. So I'm very happy but still so surprised that it actually worked. Science is amazing.

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Hello. My EDD is June 13. This is my first time being pregnant ever (that I know of) and I will be 41 in December. 0.o

Really hope the baby stays. Going to have blood test tomorrow--unless I change my mind about the ob/gyn again...

I've always had complicated feelings about having children and I had pretty much decided it would never happen. But here I am at 8 weeks, 1 day. smile.gif

Edythe (aka Polly) innocent.gif
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My edd is june 25th. This is my second. My first just made a year this month on the 11th.
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