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How confident do you feel when your kids ask you to draw something for them?

Poll Results: Can you draw a funny animal for your kids?

  • 33% (1)
    Yes, any of them! :)
  • 66% (2)
    No, almost none :(
  • 0% (0)
    Only some of them (and would like to be able to draw more!)
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Hello everyone,


I'm in need of a good advice - hope you can help me with it. Being a father of 2 children, I know that it's a problem for many parents to draw even a simple mouse or bunny when kids ask them to. Some years ago I've started a website dedicated to easy and funny step-by-step drawing. The key idea of my method is that absolutely anyone can draw simple lines when he or she is told HOW to do it. My "lessons" became popular amongst Russian audience (parents and kids), we published a couple of books that proved a kind of local hit; I've received hundreds of positive comments.

Now I'm thinking about publishing those "drawing lessons" in English for the international audience.

Do you think they may be useful for you and you friends? Or maybe the cultural difference is too big (which I doubt, to be honest)? Do you feel such kind of easy drawing is useful for you personally?

I'll be grateful for any opinions about that. You may take a look at what I mean here (the google translation is weird but Im sure you'll get what I mean from the pictures - they're clear) - EDITED BY MODERATOR TO REMOVE LINK - and feel free to try it yourself.

Is it worth publishing online in English? What do you think?


PS You have probably noticed that my English is not really perfect - I'm not a native speaker, so please excuse if I made any mistakes!

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Hello and Welcome to MDC! 


I wanted to let you know that linking to promotional sites is not allowed on MDC so I removed the link in your post. You are, however, very much welcome to post here seeking feedback about your program. 


Myself, although I don't do much online with my kids - a drawing program would be intriguing, for sure. My daughter has a few "learn to draw" type books and they're super fun - but very scripted and somewhat limiting creativity wise. A program that teaches her to draw from her own imagination would be something I would be interested in. 


I'm not sure if your's is a pay site. Honestly, I probably wouldn't pay to use a website -- there's so much for free on line that I'd look elsewhere. But, if you could offer free services and then make a profit by advertising (as so many sites do) with maybe a higher level pay program, I could see that being very popular. 


Good luck! 




Oh, and p.s. your English is VERY good! 

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Thank you very much for your feedback!

I share your policy of not allowing links to paid websites; you'll be surprised to know that all of the content of my website is absolutely free - I started this project just for fun, not for business. It's funny but the fact that all of the tutorials are available for free doesn't stop people from buying the same lessons in a "paper" book :)
I'm glad to invite you to try a couple of them for yourself! I guess it was you who voted "no, almost none"? :) I assume you didn't save the link (sorry for posting it again; I wanted to send the link to you in a private message but that was impossible, so please delete it after you take a look) - here it is again in a google translator -EDITED TO REMOVE LINK PER MODERATOR AND MEMBER AGREEMENT - it's the first lesson, "how to draw a bunny in just 5 seconds". The other tutorials are in the list to the right - choose whichever animal you like.
If you find my tutorials useful for the other users of MDC, let me know and I'll post the link again, for everyone.

As for developings one's creativity by the means of drawing, there's an interesting thing.
Originally, my lessons were (and still are) a simple step-by step drawing. I explain (literally) how to draw almost every line. And, if we think about it, we can assume that this just CANNOT develop creativity - it just helps to build stronger stereotypes. But the most amazing thing is that again and again my readers tell me something like "I couldn't draw before - I was just afraid of trying to do it as I knew for sure I wouldn't draw anything good; but then I followed your instructions and saw that I could draw a really pretty picture - and now I'm not afraid of trying to draw something new!" I don't really know why it happens; I'm just glad that it helps people to step over their icannot's :) That's how it works for grown-ups; and some parents write in their comments that it also help kids who are also not-so-confident.

I'll be really grateful if you take a look and let me know what you think!

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Hi - I did check and it looks like a great site. Though, yes, similar to the books my DC has in that you are learning to draw a specific thing -- still I imagine quite useful and I like that you have free tutorials along with your for-sale printed copies. I think that is a good business model. 


I did remove the link again because the advertising policy on MDC is not only for paid sites: 

Advertising in discussion threads is strictly prohibited. Do not post to advertise your product, business, website or blog or in any other manner from which you would financially benefit. Advertising in signatures is only permitted with a Signature Advertising Package. Blogs linked in signatures may not contain advertising/promotion without a Signature Advertising Package. Information about acceptable board advertising may be obtained by contacting advertising@mothering.com. MDC sales and fundraising information may be posted by administrators, moderators and designated members. Members may not use their business or product names as a username.


But, like I said, you are welcome to post here and join as a parent, an art educator and someone interested in Natural Family living. And also to get feedback for your site. I really do think that an English translation of your site would be quite popular - so long as there isn't already something similar out there. 


Have you considered doing You Tube videos? That's a great way, I imagine, of getting your tutorials out there and I believe you can also use You Tube to direct folks to your site. A good thing to try before going through all the work of getting your site translated. 


Good luck and, again, welcome to MDC. 

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Thank you very much! YouTube is a good idea, I'll definitely make something there. I'll send you one more link when I do (which you'll have to delete of course :)

Thank you and good luck!

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Normally we ask members to not post things that need to be deleted - so that it doesn't create work for us volunteer moderators. Please don't post another link. We welcome posts as parent or a member interested in Natural Family Living. Good luck with You Tube! 

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