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I hope im just freaking myself out over nothing and baby is just doing what he/she needs to to grow and thrive. Im a knucklehead for having so many pee stix in the house. I only have 2 left. One for tomorrow and one for Sunday. Hopefully my beta and progesterone levels are fine and all is well
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i hope so too marquess!!! please keep us posted :)  youre not crazy.  i peed on a stick after my period.  JUST in case.  haha.  obv it was a BFN!  

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my equate was positive this morning too. light, like the other ones, but still positive. my camera makes it hard to see of course. in a few days it will be blazing, im staying confident.  i need to accept the miracle and try not to make myself crazy in the process

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Marquess78-  Hang in there.  My lines at 9, 10, and 11 dpo were freaking me out because they were so light and didn't seem like they were getting darker and I was afraid it was another chemical pregnancy.  This morning at 12dpo I finally got a good line that even DH could see :)  I remember getting my first BFP with DS1 at 12 dpo on a IC and I almost missed it becasue it was just a light shadow on the IC.  Here is my test series from wed to today.  I am 12 dpo and finally got a pregnant on the digital today.

http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n362/jenchesla/photo6.jpg Good luck :)

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I'm not sure that link worked here is another http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n362/jenchesla/photo6.jpg

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Congrats! I'm trying to do exactly what you did, in fact, I have been wondering if my symptoms were cysts because of what I've been feeling, but your recent history has me convinced I'm finally ovulating! Haha, no pressure!

We dtd on a night that felt right, so please send some of your luck to me!
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not looking good for me this morning  this is this mornings test at 13dpo with yesterdays tests. Its getting lighter :( http://i337.photobucket.com/albums/n362/jenchesla/photo7.jpg  the one on the rigth is this morning with FMU and the other 2 are from yesterday at 12dpo

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J&J so sorry the lines getting lighter :(  hoping for the best for you hug2.gif

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thanks :(  all I can do is wait and test tomorrow and if its even lighter I will know AF is on her way.  I knew catching the first PP egg was too good to be true

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Ok so today when wiping I had brown spotting!
praying it was implantation.
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Yeah mine r lighter too greensad.gif and taking longer to get positive. Im so sad. I wasnt expecting to be pg but when i saw that first bfp i realized how much i wanted to be.
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marquess me too :(  I was just surprised we caught the first egg.  My DD is going to be 2 in Dec and it felt like forever waiting for my PPAF.  I guess we both just have to wait to see what happens which is the worst part.  I am hoping to see a nice dark line tomorrow at 14dpo but expecting to see a barely there one.  I had a chemical pregnancy a few months before I got pregnant with DD and it went similar to this.  I got a pos. it looked a bit darker the next day then lighter and lighter from there out and AF was a few days late.  FX we both get darker lines tomorrow.  I may even wait till monday just to actually be late for AF.

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im more confused than ever :( i took an equate and answer this morning, same pee. what can i say, im a glutton for punishment. anywho, equate(was a blue 'compare to first respone' test. i know, i know, blue sucks. but it was positive. the line on the answer was so faint, i didnt see it til it dried. i took the 2nd equate tonight, and the line is darker than this mornings (and its still wet).


i have 1 FRER left and then im out of tests. i refuse to buy more and besides, im broke after buying all the others :(

im 11DPO today so i shoud get a good line later. or maybe wait til monday. unless hubby leaves teh house there is no way i am taking that test tomorrow. he doesnt know.


i always wanted another child. dh wasnt ready sicne the twins are still little. we both have lots going on and the timing is horrible. i just started college in aug. i dont want to give it up. it took me forever to choose to go and what i wanted to go for.


oh i just wish teh stupid blood work would have been back by now. i text my doc a couple times today. i feel bad but im losing my mind not knowing.

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Marquess78-  I hope you get that darker line soon :)  AFM mine was almost non existent this morning so I am going to just call it a chemical and wait for AF to arrive.  I am OK with it though since the right healthy baby will come when the time is right.

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Woah! Yesterday's spotting is now full blown Aunt Flo! Guess we are not catching the first eggi. Plz change me to waiting to ovulate smile.gif
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still no AF in sight and I am 14dpo but my test lines are so light.  How long do you think it will take? Will I have to wait till all the HCG is gone from my system?  Also i was thinking about ectopic. Maybe I should cal my Dr if AF doesn't show this next week.


Blonhrt88-  Sorry she showed for you :/  You can pass her here since waiting to miscarry sucks :(

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So sorry jen&james, it's so frustrating getting your hopes up and down :/
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Sorry to hear the news jen&james and Blonhrt88.  So disappointing for you both.

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i wish it was tomorrow already. i want answers. i feel sooooo pregnant. im super sleepy all day no matter how much sleep i get. i am not a patient person, and i hate the not knowing. i would be happy to be pregnant. i was surpried but when the inital shock wore off, i was thrilled. i am holding on to every shred of hope that this is not a chemical pregnancy and that my little bean is like my oldest, a low hcg producer. i also worry about progesterone issues.


as soon as my homework is done im headed to bed. im wiped out

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So sorry Jen&James and Blonhrt!!  grouphug.gif I was so hopeful for you ladies.  I will move you now Blonhrt.  

AFM:  We are right in the path of hurricane sandy, so I may not be online for a little while.  I will start Novembers TTC while Nursing as soon as I can unless someone else wants to jump in!  Im still bleeding over here... VERY ODD.  It was completely done... then we DTD and two more days of RED.  weird right?  But I guess not too out of the realm of normal.  Hoping that cutting back on daytime and night time nursing will help me ovulate earlier in my cycle instead of CD 21 with my measly 9 day LP!  Fingers crossed!!  Im on CD 6 today.  Im taking 2 heaping spoonfuls of maca everyday and plan to do grapefruit are CD14!  

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